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Imagine the reaction between a person and energy output.
So that it’s something like

person + energy -> work

and now imagine you introduce a catalyst to speed up the reaction.
In my life the catalyst is “sleep deprivation”.

I’m serious though, it’s not very scientific but I do tend to get more done when I sleep less. I didn’t sleep last night-I spent the whole night reading, and early this morning I took a walk. It was so early I could see the moon and the sun facing off. It was pretty neato. I had breakfast, which is something I never do, cleaned the house up a bit, and got some exercise.


It’s now 7:25 and I came to blog because I am sucking hardcore at piano. Not that I usually don’t it’s just that I needed to cut my nails because they were making that *clack* noise when your nails are too long, except I haven’t played piano without nails in such a long time that it feels funny. xD

Of course I kept the right thumb nail, because it is what I like to call my “utility nail”. Much like a swiss army knife the thumb nail can be utilised for many different purposes.

Some such uses are
-peeling oranges
-playing guitar (not that I do, but if I ever started and couldn’t afford a pick…but could afford the guitar o_O lol)
-opening envelopes
-breaking unbreakable child proof packaging D:
-alternative for a knife in a Michael Jackson style tie-one-of-your-arm-to-another-guy’s-arm fight