coolest music video ever

read the title, yeah?

CSS – Move


Patrick Dempsey is a dreamboat lulz

So I’ve been wasting my daytimes with movies.

I’m currently watching an awesome made-for-tv movie starring Patrick Dempsey otherwise known as mcdreamy. It’s one of those guilty pleasures where you’re like, “hey this movie sucks a bit … but I really like it xD” I recommend everyone go see it, it’s called Run. Lol, check your local rental store in the VHS section xD

I like how he suddenly knows how to hotwire cars out of nowhere. The movie is just too much pure awesomeness.

I have such bad taste in movies. I can even remember enjoying Gigli x]
Actually it’s not so much that I have bad taste, it’s that with movies of hmm little substance, I always seem to be able to enjoy them.

Ah I also watched Reno 911: Miami if you’ve seen it you know it’s pretty loltastic. I like the idea of accidental heroes in film-oh and when people pretend to be something they’re not when they so blatantly are that thing.

I must go sweep the floors now to win over my mum ^ ^

Friday nights are family nights ^ ^

So today was pretty chill- just stayed at home forevahhzzz to wait for the new mattress to be delivered (because first one was too big … that’s what she said – – ” ). My bed is freaking really weird and has a high bedposty thing o_O I can’t really explain it but I like it, because I can put things like my mario money container and lucky cat (that gold asian cat you see in chinese shops xD ) on it. 

It got to about 8:00 when my brother, his girlfriend and I left for southbank. I promised to meet up with a friend at 7:30 and as usual I was really late. >_<”

So I met up with them and she was pissed at me, and I was a bit “meh” then we got into this argument followed by twenty minutes of silence without eye-contact. Looking back on it I think it is the only time that I’ve ever thought with Phuong, and that it was FREAKING RETARDED xD

…Oh, and while I was at Cue City I won myself the GANGSTER MONKEY ! hells yeah (H), I named it “G-Dragon” lolz it is now proudly displayed in my bedroom n_n

I went back to southbank by myself saw the movie and realised that I was being a dickhead. I called her and we made nice because PHUONG IF YOU EVER READ THIS I DO LOVE YOU, DI !!!! xD 

I saw four holidays it was okay. : ]
Vince Vaughan is a funny funny man (I think he would be really scary in real life because he is around 6 feet infinity tall ._. )

My brother was like, “it was good” and his gf was like, “it was okay. i pulled a muscle in my neck so it sorta hurts when i laugh” xD

haha I’m guessing that hindered her experience somewhat

On the way home we always see this house with a creepy mannequin dressed up as a nun(only sometimes, sometimes it is a hippie or other things) in Auchenflower. Tonight it was a nun and it was friggen fucking creepy *cringe*

It was scarier than that god-awful movie, Quarantine.

Birdwing vines and other things

Today I was at Griffith Uni for some Science lecture thing that ran from 8:30 till 3:00ish. I got there late because I was lost and noone seemed to be able to help me. T_T  I asked like three public transport workers and none of them knew how to get there. It was so wtf? xD 

To make things worse I had to walk a freaking bush track to get to Nathan Campus because I didn’t know where to catch the bus (I was already at the bus stop that my desired bus went to). Ah yes, 3km of sweaty fun. o_O … that sounds like it could be the blurb of some marathon-like porn.

Did I mention that around twenty people from my school were there as helpers and the Cutting Edge Science Day was for teachers. So in each presentation was a lot of teachers and some of us ._. All of them were science teachers. I liked looking at how different they all looked, and at lunch I talked to year tens (gross, right? 😛 jks) about whether any of the teachers were hot. 

My first lecture/presentation was about insects. FUN. lol, it wasn’t that bad. We were there to present the speakers with their gift which was a pen and a Birdwing vine (an endangered species of native vine that is the main constituent of the Birdwing Butterfly’s diet-also endangered)

Then was lunch…did I mention it was free. Good food tastes good, but I’d like to go out on a limb and say free okay-to-semigood food tastes better than just good food. xD 

After that we split up into “groups” where I was the only person in my group ==” and sent off to lectures. This time it was a 2 hour session on water quality control. It was okay except I had to collect a water sample from their little creek to measure its turbidity (dirtiness xD) and my arm was getting itchy because presenter dude made me stand there for a while without going to wash it off lol. 

Then LUNCH which meant eating foodstuffs. There was this weird spinach wrap thing and I tried it because I like spinach but then it was all minty and disgusting but I couldn’t spit it out because people were around so I punished myself by swallowing it. : (

Last lecture was pretty leet it was some animals dude a la Steve Irwin. He showed us a few different animals. A cane toad peed on his hand, and the quoll and the bettong made everyone go into a serious state of NAWWWWWWWSOMENESS (when someone is like “nawwww how cute ^ ^” 

The day finished with a raffle with a heap of prizes like one ipod shuffle and other pens and crystal pen holders etc lol.

All I wanted to win was a freaking birdwing vine >: [ but alas it was not in the cards for me, or so I thought, and then McGrath won one. I asked him for his and he gave it to me …


so in the end….my life was pretty good today xD

also I thought I was going to die on that one hour detour through the biketrack to get to nathan campus lol


Ah I realise I haven’t blogged in ages it’s mostly because I cbf, which is weird because usually on holidays my blog productivity skyrockets by about a bajillion points.

So just a quick recap of my life for the past few days

On Sunday Phuong began her adventure that involves house-jumping from friends’ houses for a week. xD It’s pretty cool that she got this chance because her parents are hardcore strictzorz and don’t let her sleep over anyone’s house. 

So I asked my mum whether or not Phuong can sleep over our house for a few days, and her response was, “Sure idc, whatever =/” 
Yeah, my mum is hella cool (H) 

On Sunday I picked Phuong up from Forest Lake and then I guess we just went home and did nothing? xD

Monday was much the same, we just watched tv all day. Good company so it was all good. Later that night we watched Battle Royale n_n 

Tuesday was city outing. D: Heaps of people were there…to the extent that there were possibly too many people. I think I’m going to limit my outings to one or two friends at a time otherwise someone inevitably ends up feeling “ditched’ = =” Bumping into heaps of people is nice but yeah in the end I think you need to focus on a smaller amount of people otherwise they get “meh”

In the afternoon I saw Quarantine which is possibly the most non-scary scary movie I have ever seen. The whole movie Phuong and I just wanted someone to have sex (we were bored). We figured that if they all knew their deaths were imminent that they would want to get some before biting the dust, according to our logic, anyway. xD

After that we hung out with the cool asian guy with the expensive glasses at that fairly new store in Elizabeth Arcade. I think it’s called like “M&CO” or something. We took a few pictures with him, which I’ll put up some other time xD I figured we should take photos because he is cool and now I can introduce you to him Rachel  lol

From the city Ryan, Phuong and I headed back to my house. If life were an RPG I would get a message saying something like “Ryan has joined the party”. Oh which brings me to something lame.

What comes before Part b?

That’s a bit selfish of you …. you, lobster x]
…as in shellfish

Anyway I will spare you from further punishment n_n


Wednesday is today and it is the day that “Ryan & Phuong have left your party” so for now I’m just living by myself (+family, of course)

Disappointing that creepy philo lady wasn’t working at the asian supermarket- so we couldn’t perve on her awesome trashy dragness



So mum bought a new mattress and it doesn’t fit into the bed. lol PHAILZ, oh well xD

I have a massive headache and there are other things I wanted to put in this post but I figure my personal health is more important 


Since we watched a whole lot of foxtel I thought to prettify this post I would put up a picture of the Korean simpsons ^ ^

Optimism means thinking that it’ll taste better

So I know this isn’t just a personal thing but I just wanted to post about the nature of human expectancy. Why is it that we always expect something to get better?

The only example I am willing to post is when you eat a new food. I always end up doing this. I eat it and then think, “am I enjoying this? … I’m not sure yet, better eat some more” – well, without actually talking to myself because that is a sign of multiple personalities or something, and then I continue eating something even after I’ve realised I don’t like it. I think it’s because I am inherently an optimist, at least I think so. I always eat it or continue eating it and hoping for it to start tasting better.

In my opinion true optimism means convincing-maybe deceiving, yourself, into expecting that things can get better, because sometimes your life might suck for a moment and you have to believe that things are going to get better. I remember watching a movie at my friend’s chinese school, I tagged along, that said something like “bad fortune and good fortune are related-even cyclical, because the commencement of one will eventually bring about the other” 

I know that’s probably a really obvious statement, but I need to remind myself that things are going to taste better  : )




++++ it’s the last day of school tomorrow and I’m excited to go play monopoly in the city n_n

SMT > CI : ]

Tonight was pretty cool, I went to CI to check out Rachel’s school, the naked people in apartments nearby and her school’s first production that evening called, “Trojan Women 2.0”. Before that we had met up with the most manly men among men- YUKI, who is departing on a journey to Japan and Korea beginning tomorrow. 

The show was strongly feminist, but I still enjoyed it. It was very good and the girls in the play were all quite brilliant. Ryan and I were in our uniforms so we did inspire some hate-filled looks. Ah I guess I diffused the situation by constantly reminding Rachel of the ineptitudes of her kind. (girls, that is) I hope she appreciates the jokes, because I sometimes get the feeling that she is somewhat annoyed by it, but then I realise that frustation = enjoying another’s company. All jokes aside it was really nice to see some women outside of the kitchen doing work on the stage … kidding … sorta … lol, no I am kidding 😛

Anyway the show was really good and I had tears in my eyes, but only because the lights were so bright and we were sitting up the front and it hurt my eyes >_<;;

After the show we saw all of the performers and congratulated them on their good work, and did a bit of mingling. Rachel is probably a bit upset by how skeezy we were but that’s okay. Totz ok, bebz bcoz I r scene lyk dat. : )

On a side note I know how to make Rachel like you more as a person. YES, YOU! All you need to do is be a guy named, “Tom”, and she’ll never be able to take her mind off you. It is also recommended that you beat her up because Rachel is quite the wu shu pro nowadays, almost form 2 -“eek stay away or she will hadouken you” good, and she respects a man who is capable of bruising her. 

All in all a very enjoyable night, and I got to school at midday exactly. Student director gave me a lecture about it and said he would be sending my parents a letter, but I’m pretty sure that they’re already aware of all of my tardiness…