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Bleach, Eelyn’s screw factory & the new love of my life

So I know I’ve neglected blogging for a while now mostly because I’ve been checking out other shit blogs thinking to myself, “omg this is so shit & boring ytf does it get more views than me etc … the world is full of stupid people … I want some cheesecake but I don’t have any and this is hardly blogworthy news…etc etc T_T” but realised that I shouldn’t let something silly like those things get between me and something I like–blogging.

I think I’m having a mid-teen-life crisis where I start to feel really old and out of sync with what’s cool. Either this or I purposely choose to do things that are considered not very cool to somehow give the finger to the status quo (assuming that the ‘status quo’ is some all powerful, life-governing body). So I feel old because I go out and don’t seem to run into people I know. It’s like everyone is getting old & we’re only like seventeen-ish. Also I see what I can only assume are twelve year olds (judged on acne, clothing, not-being-able-to-differentiate-the-voices-of-boys-from-girls-ness, general aura of pre-pubescence) out and about and get thoughts like, “Oh my what are they doing out?” Then there’s some recoil and I think “ZOMG IM SUCH A NANNA”

I guess I feel old because I’m in year twelve now which means I’m top of the food chain in school. This is great because now I can eat any of the other students. ^ ^

For two days I worked at Eelyn’s screw factory and it was pretty fun. Sandra & I gave her brother what we called the year nine test. It involved asking him questions regarding typical characteristics of year niners back when we were young.

“Do you like Japan?”
“So if you were a shinigami, who would you be?”
“Do you study anything at all?”
etc etc

I try to stay young by watching Bleach because I’m only like five or something years behind I watched seventy episodes in two days. Not eating or sleeping on the first day was completely worth it.

Today I went out with the weibchen and got a variety of free things. Everyone knows that free things are, quite frankly, the best things. I couldn’t find my belt in the morning so my shorts were falling down sorta. I was very paranoid and I felt like everyone was out to pull my pants down. Which was probably true seeing as the world is full of people who wait to pull down strangers’ pants (there’s got to be at least like two in Brisbane) so I bought a belt from Target as soon as I got there. I held my pants up inside my pockets nervously as I shuffled to the store. It’s like when you are an annoying twat who smells really bad and are self-conscious about others noticing and saying something (which would be deserved, I guess)

Igor isn’t out yet. I found this news THOROUGHLY UPSETTING.

My day, however, was salvaged because I bought the Green Tea Iced Frappucino from Starbucks. Now at first I was all, “everyone says it’s good but I’m so probably not going to like it that much … I hate young people bleargh”. Then I bought it and I, now (only after drinking it), believe in true love. I have never wanted anything more in my mouth ever. Except like BoA.


Friday nights are family nights ^ ^

So today was pretty chill- just stayed at home forevahhzzz to wait for the new mattress to be delivered (because first one was too big … that’s what she said – – ” ). My bed is freaking really weird and has a high bedposty thing o_O I can’t really explain it but I like it, because I can put things like my mario money container and lucky cat (that gold asian cat you see in chinese shops xD ) on it. 

It got to about 8:00 when my brother, his girlfriend and I left for southbank. I promised to meet up with a friend at 7:30 and as usual I was really late. >_<”

So I met up with them and she was pissed at me, and I was a bit “meh” then we got into this argument followed by twenty minutes of silence without eye-contact. Looking back on it I think it is the only time that I’ve ever thought with Phuong, and that it was FREAKING RETARDED xD

…Oh, and while I was at Cue City I won myself the GANGSTER MONKEY ! hells yeah (H), I named it “G-Dragon” lolz it is now proudly displayed in my bedroom n_n

I went back to southbank by myself saw the movie and realised that I was being a dickhead. I called her and we made nice because PHUONG IF YOU EVER READ THIS I DO LOVE YOU, DI !!!! xD 

I saw four holidays it was okay. : ]
Vince Vaughan is a funny funny man (I think he would be really scary in real life because he is around 6 feet infinity tall ._. )

My brother was like, “it was good” and his gf was like, “it was okay. i pulled a muscle in my neck so it sorta hurts when i laugh” xD

haha I’m guessing that hindered her experience somewhat

On the way home we always see this house with a creepy mannequin dressed up as a nun(only sometimes, sometimes it is a hippie or other things) in Auchenflower. Tonight it was a nun and it was friggen fucking creepy *cringe*

It was scarier than that god-awful movie, Quarantine.

I seem to be smiling more and more lately : )

FIrst off I tore some abdominal muscles or something on monday at TKD so I can’t go for a bit (say bye to wu shu for the first weeks of holidays D: ) but besides that things are really good. I’m so happy to be over with school soon that I can’t help but smile. It’ll be a bummer that some of my friends are going to be in Europe having fun without me, but the less I think about it the happier I am. 

So I guess I should think about it less xD

Ah I was supposed to go to an opera recital tonight, but I would rather go to a graduation party ;_; there’s always next opera recital I guess, and I need to get dcrunk : )

Tomorrow morning is the psychology class party, and Sandra’s last day of year eleven lmao. Here is a picture of the card I made her (and yes it is very grade two and I suck at doing stuff so … yeah I go to qaSMT not CI fuck lol )

img_1947I didn’t want a picture too close otherwise you would see it’s EPIK FUGLINESS.


This is a shit post but IDC because I’m going to shower and pack my bag for tomoz n_n


I had Tae Kwon Do training on Monday night and I’m still in pain two days later. This has made me realise how unfit I truly am. My whole body is still aching, but I like to think it’s because I’ve missed out on training for 1+ month, and Fortunato (DOESN’T MY INSTRUCTOR HAVE THE COOLEST NAME EVER? how fortunato is he to have that name? lol = =;; ) said he would work us hard because of it, at least that sounds better in my head over me being completely unfit. 

I’m so glad assessment is almost over. Today I had math and english exams. I was late, as per usual, so I had to take the math test in my last period because it’s a spare. English went surprisingly okay. I’ve been slacking off so much in english because as an ESL-nonwhite-person I should probably work harder at this subject. = =”

We had to write a commentary on an extract from Much Ado About Nothing. In my paper I wrote things like, ”   ‘paper bullets’ are a metaphorical/symbolic representation of the good and bad things involved with love” – a bit of BS goes a long way sometimes, “cadence is used to highlight the preceding or following lines within this example ” – not even sure what that meant, but I had told a friend that I would give her a dollar if she mentioned cadence in her paper (also, would someone like to tell me how to identify cadence? xD) so I decided that I should mention it too. I used to feel a lot more comfortable with english as my strongest subject, but the past few exams have made me feel like I was really stretching for time. Today I still feel like I didn’t organise what I wanted to write quickly enough, because she said there was five minutes remaining and I still hadn’t gotten to my conclusion. I shouldn’t worry that much though because it’s only a pass/fail class this term. 

Now there’s only one physics test left (I think), and then I am done with exams for this year : )
Ah thinking about my marks is a bit depressing lol. My highest mark was like 90% for psychology, a subject I’m finished with, and lowest mark was something less than 20%. Epik fails = =” Too bad the one subject I did well in this year is the the only subject I won’t be studying next year hah.  

Today was also the day of election speeches for my school’s student council. The speeches were pretty funny and I don’t think I could’ve written one as well as any of them :O For a while people would ask me if I were going for it, and it is only now that I regret not going for it. I filmed Ryan’s so if I ever get around to uploading that on youtube I’ll post it in here. My instep mentor tells me that I have some innate ability to lead people, which I always thought was a bit silly because you’d think everyone has that ability, but I do want to prove myself to some people at school. I guess there’ll be other opportunities to do so.  

In other news, I really like Alanis Morissette right now. I’ve always liked her but recently I’ve gained a greater appreciation for her work. I know I’m ten years late on the bandwagon, but if liking Alanis Morissette makes me appear as though I am a Lesbian feminist than I am okay with that (PIGEON-HOLING FTL.)


Right now I plan on watching Never Back Down or The Darjeeling Limited. Ah decisions, decisions!

Progress or the lack thereof

So it’s 1.45AM and I have a mandarin exam today. I’m watching Maury Povich, and the episode is about husbands being controllers of women o.o I’ve heard some effed-up-shit I.e. “Ever since she married me she became my property.” Ah one more reason to love the every day American. Kidding. I don’t know any Americans so I can’t base any judgements on personal experiences, but I’m open-minded to the idea that good Americans (besides like Hillary Duff, and the ladies of Disgrasian) do exist. 

disgrasianreplyblogHer response to my suggestion of Disgrasian making a youtube channel. lol
Self-depreciating humour is good in moderation. xD 

Besides Maury I’ve seen a woman get her breasts removed in her quest to become more of a man, the history of vibrators, some lame wannabe-models on australia’s next top model, that 70’s show and a documentary about The Dixie Chicks. 

I should really be sleeping or studying or something but it already feels like my holidays have started. 

embarrassment“Hola, muchachos!”
You know because I like embarrassing myself. FTLULZ. 17 days of little-to-no progress. Oh yeah check out my hair xD looks like a freaking brylcreem commercial lol

My weekend wasn’t all that eventful, but the events that transpired were really quite enjoyable : )

On Saturday night I saw The Wackness  with my brother, his girlfriend and Ryan. Afterwards we ate Nandos, and discussed world politics (not really or at all lol). The movie was pretty dope but I think I set myself up for disappointment. I had REALLY REALLY wanted to see the movie for a long time and expected so much that I was a bit disappointed in the film, as a result. >_< Silly me, ah well. I stuck the little poster up in my wall because I liked the picture. I really liked the ’94 hip hop style of the film-the old school rap, ghetto swagger, graffiti art, etc. + All the hip hip jargon made me giggle, oh and the mention of a pussyquest was pretty funny, too. Ah, I guess I am a sensitive old white man at heart. xD

Next movie I really want to see is Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist but until I find a theatre that’s screening the movie I’ll have to settle for Death Race this upcoming weekend. 

After dinner I came home to find that we had guests staying over for the night. I wasn’t really sure who they were :S but my sister said they practically raised my dad, and started the first Samoan church in Brisbane, which is pretty cool I guess.  


I’m off to bed now because I feel really clean and my hair has no knots because I just showered. ^ ^

Family Fridays

Today was a good/bad/okay/non-specific adjective day. 

I went to school for the first time in two days–mostly because I bought a weekly and I thought it would be a waste if I didn’t use it more often, but like always I was late. 

(notetoself: #1 NY Resolution is to be more punctual >_<)

After school I was supposed to meet up with some Gold Coast friends in the city, but I couldn’t find them. LOL


In the arvo, I went to Inala with my family because mum wanted to buy some food (like pre-cooked fob food because she had been hand-sewing for four hours on church table settings and didn’t have time to cook o_o ). Inala is like a melting point nowadays xD (not just for bogans, drunkards etc 😛 ) but culturally. The cultural landscape is nice, because there are people from Somalia, Vietnam (OBVIOUSLY THEY OWN THAT SUBURB G!!!), etc etc

+ Mum likes to buy fish from that Dong Duong(?) place. I bumped into the international student I met the previous Friday n_n but Li was on the phone so I just patted his head and walked to the car 

On the way home we stopped at the new(not actually sure if it’s new?) fish’n’chips place down at Springfield Lakes. My sister was talking about (I mean “tokin abt” = =) going their for the first time and being like “wtf?” at the deep fried mars bars they had on the menu and I said that I would like to try one. Not knowing that she took me seriously she ordered the mars bar without my knowledge. T_T


I don’t really like Mars Bars on their own either,(I don’t like milkyways either :S ) but the deepfried mars bar was okay lol. It’s like covered in batter, and tastes like a deepfried pancake =/ with melted chocolate inside. FATTTTTTTTTTTTTT CALORIE ATTACK. 

Eh, I think I’m to passive to worry about stuff … xD

So night time consisted of



I always have ideas that I forget. So my friend who thinks it’s really handy to have a notebook on hand bought me a notebook. What an awesome guy?

: )

Now I will never forget anything lol


+++++ My brother is really Australianised. He even knew what “fair suck of the sav” meant. xD 



Just smile because it’s almost over : )

I got my camera back so I can finally make a new video n_n
It should be on my youtube profile in no some time at all  
(I’ve had so many ideas for videos that I should’ve wrote them all down. IF ONLY I HAD A POCKET NOTEBOOK :O lol, I think only Rhino will understand) 

So -last night/early this morning- I found this blog of this guy who has had a series of unfortunate events occur in his life, and he was of similar background to me (Samoan), but he is so angry and alone. For a while I was scared it was going to be me in the future, but then I realised I’ve let so many things go. My fear was silly because I realised I’m not like that guy. I can’t hold onto grudges from over twenty years ago, and not merely because I am younger than twenty. (PERSONAL CHALLENGE: HOLD GRUDGE FOR TWENTY YEARS, QUICK SOMEONE GIVE ME A REASON TO HATE YOU >: ]          ) Also I figured that just because I can’t find many role models of my ethnicity that I shouldn’t just latch on to anyone out there, because he was a bit of a pompous twat. I’m just going to model myself on what I want to be, and not on anyone real-regarding any “Racial” role models because Jay Chou would be my role model otherwise lol.

: )

There’s been too much mess going around, and I don’t want bad karma to come and rape me. So I’m giving everyone a clean slate (unless you are actually my friend, because I don’t want to get rid of all the funny dirty hate shit we have between us n_n retarded relationships ftw? ) 

I guess hate will always just be a hobby of mine. Much like racism-for-leisure. Lol don’t get the internet police on me o.o I’m not racist for real-realz, just for play-playz

I also want to clear something up. Sometimes I come across as being really cold, most of my close friends know that even when I am like this that I don’t mean to offend people (which doesn’t mean I never want to offend people xD lol) Anyway the point of mentioning this is that, my friend Eugene hasn’t given up on me. Even after I’ve neglected to be a good friend to him because I’ve been somewhat cold, but THANK YOU, YOU’VE RESTORED MY FAITH IN HUMANITY  (…well to an extent, because racism, famine, war and videos like this can exist).

It’s reassuring to know that someone thinks you’re a good person when you don’t think that about yourself. If anyone gets what I mean, can I get a holla ? (sorry I apologise for that I just felt like using “holla” in a post, I’m not a cool I know my place D:  )


I have a math test tomorrow : O 
which I will study for in all my classes prior to it, because it is my final period lol
I’m thinking if I at least pass everything this term (this term our report cards will only say “pass/fail” for subjects lol) I can get a pretty new cellular hand portable communication device AKA mobile ^^

I do however feel that I really NEED an ipod, because so much of my time is spent traveling independently that I need something of a companion besides crazy hobo drunk bum on train at night time (no offense Barry, I love your company and all lol) . T_T I’m thinking about leaving magazines with ipod touches circled in red felt pen on my mummy’s dresser xD OR conveniently placing “musu’s xmas wishlist” on the fridge and be like “Oh Pi (no his name is not like mathematical pi ~_~ it’s pronounced more like “pea” lol), my three year old nephew, must’ve gone through my things to put this on the fridge. What a silly baby !? ^ ^”

The list will look like this 

It’ll have all the good shit like world peace, and a happy sun man : ) and mum will think I’m cute and innocent (she’ll see the backwards letters and melt-OH and the obligatory worldwide people holding hands thing. That shit’s so mastercard-EFFING PRICELESS.)


lolsecondpic1but in reality this will be what I wanted to draw *devilish smile* ^^

If that all doesn’t work out dad says he wants me to get a job on the holidays, so I could *cringe* earn the money by myself. Haha I guess I have been slack in the employment area for some time, like most areas in my life, but whatever. 

Almost end of school year -> almost end of year -> almost the start of a new one

I could already post a bunch of NYE resolutions that I’ve been thinking about but I don’t want to jump the gun xD

Oh and the nipple piercing thing was to see if anyone actually reads this xD