Bleach, Eelyn’s screw factory & the new love of my life

So I know I’ve neglected blogging for a while now mostly because I’ve been checking out other shit blogs thinking to myself, “omg this is so shit & boring ytf does it get more views than me etc … the world is full of stupid people … I want some cheesecake but I don’t have any and this is hardly blogworthy news…etc etc T_T” but realised that I shouldn’t let something silly like those things get between me and something I like–blogging.

I think I’m having a mid-teen-life crisis where I start to feel really old and out of sync with what’s cool. Either this or I purposely choose to do things that are considered not very cool to somehow give the finger to the status quo (assuming that the ‘status quo’ is some all powerful, life-governing body). So I feel old because I go out and don’t seem to run into people I know. It’s like everyone is getting old & we’re only like seventeen-ish. Also I see what I can only assume are twelve year olds (judged on acne, clothing, not-being-able-to-differentiate-the-voices-of-boys-from-girls-ness, general aura of pre-pubescence) out and about and get thoughts like, “Oh my what are they doing out?” Then there’s some recoil and I think “ZOMG IM SUCH A NANNA”

I guess I feel old because I’m in year twelve now which means I’m top of the food chain in school. This is great because now I can eat any of the other students. ^ ^

For two days I worked at Eelyn’s screw factory and it was pretty fun. Sandra & I gave her brother what we called the year nine test. It involved asking him questions regarding typical characteristics of year niners back when we were young.

“Do you like Japan?”
“So if you were a shinigami, who would you be?”
“Do you study anything at all?”
etc etc

I try to stay young by watching Bleach because I’m only like five or something years behind I watched seventy episodes in two days. Not eating or sleeping on the first day was completely worth it.

Today I went out with the weibchen and got a variety of free things. Everyone knows that free things are, quite frankly, the best things. I couldn’t find my belt in the morning so my shorts were falling down sorta. I was very paranoid and I felt like everyone was out to pull my pants down. Which was probably true seeing as the world is full of people who wait to pull down strangers’ pants (there’s got to be at least like two in Brisbane) so I bought a belt from Target as soon as I got there. I held my pants up inside my pockets nervously as I shuffled to the store. It’s like when you are an annoying twat who smells really bad and are self-conscious about others noticing and saying something (which would be deserved, I guess)

Igor isn’t out yet. I found this news THOROUGHLY UPSETTING.

My day, however, was salvaged because I bought the Green Tea Iced Frappucino from Starbucks. Now at first I was all, “everyone says it’s good but I’m so probably not going to like it that much … I hate young people bleargh”. Then I bought it and I, now (only after drinking it), believe in true love. I have never wanted anything more in my mouth ever. Except like BoA.


5 responses to “Bleach, Eelyn’s screw factory & the new love of my life

  1. ♥麗瑛 Lệ Ánh~

    I agree with the whole, people blogging about shit and getting more views/comments.
    i’m so petty ;p

    *the Green Tea Iced Frappucino from Starbucks*
    we don’t get those here in UK 😦

    BoA in your mouth?
    LOL XD


  3. i rofled, literally. you work in a SCREW FACTORY… HAHAHAHHHAHHAA

    it’s so funny

    is it a cool factory? can you envision a photoshoot in there?

    cuz right now i have the opening scene of edward scissorhands, with you as the machine, playing in my head… lmfaooooo


    keep the posts coming!!

    we dont give two pennies to the shitty bloggers on our turf 🙂 hurhurr the fad will pass, and only the dedicated will stay strong 🙂

    GTF ftw~

  4. omgggggggg i want a job T^T

  5. yess… i’d like to go to this “SCREW” factory 😉

    if you know what i mean!!!

    aye aye aye aye

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