epik (not rele) return

I hven’t blogged in a while because my ‘a’ key is broken & typing just pisses me off, but I thought “hey it’s xmas”

Tht rele means nothing. lol
When most people think bout xmas they think bout presents but seriously xms is such a “white people invention”.

Or gift-giving is, to my fmily, at least.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining but it just gets annoying when people ask me what I got becuse the answer is usually nothing.

This yr I got one present & it is pretty much the coolest possession I hve. iPod classic (thnks mum you’re hepppz cool xD)

but yeh xms for me is just like fmly get-together (which didn’t go so gr8 tody – idk I ws sleeping for five hours nd when I woke people were leving & crying xD)

Oh I turned on the tv & Jesus Christ Superstr ws on. Now I’m going to let you in on little secret.
I am a mjor pussy.

It creeped me out. xD

It scred me like the first time wtching bttle royle in the drk by myself.

It scred me like the first time I listened to “stirwy to heven bckwrds”.

Overll I’m mjor meowfce.

p.s. soz for the lck of “a”s


4 responses to “epik (not rele) return

  1. ♥麗瑛 Lệ Ánh~

    Omg. I hate when keyboards are broken

    jesus christ superstar is SO SCARY
    I AGREE.


  2. lol.

    yeah ppl ask me that too.

    and i say nothing…

    followed by a just kidding ^^ so they dont go run call child services.

  3. wht’s jesus christ superstr? :O

    i’ll leve out my ”s too

    he he he

  4. ahah yeah

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