Imagine the reaction between a person and energy output.
So that it’s something like

person + energy -> work

and now imagine you introduce a catalyst to speed up the reaction.
In my life the catalyst is “sleep deprivation”.

I’m serious though, it’s not very scientific but I do tend to get more done when I sleep less. I didn’t sleep last night-I spent the whole night reading, and early this morning I took a walk. It was so early I could see the moon and the sun facing off. It was pretty neato. I had breakfast, which is something I never do, cleaned the house up a bit, and got some exercise.


It’s now 7:25 and I came to blog because I am sucking hardcore at piano. Not that I usually don’t it’s just that I needed to cut my nails because they were making that *clack* noise when your nails are too long, except I haven’t played piano without nails in such a long time that it feels funny. xD

Of course I kept the right thumb nail, because it is what I like to call my “utility nail”. Much like a swiss army knife the thumb nail can be utilised for many different purposes.

Some such uses are
-peeling oranges
-playing guitar (not that I do, but if I ever started and couldn’t afford a pick…but could afford the guitar o_O lol)
-opening envelopes
-breaking unbreakable child proof packaging D:
-alternative for a knife in a Michael Jackson style tie-one-of-your-arm-to-another-guy’s-arm fight


6 responses to “catalyst

  1. i have it on my left pinkie ;]

  2. Utility nail
    hahah xD
    sounds like you had a productive day on the 14th Dec :]]
    i love youu xx

  3. my sisters screensaver is like these colourful lines……. flying around…………. zomg
    they’re so smooth XD

  4. teehee
    you are most welcome
    have you read the first issue as well ^^?

    it’s also awesome (:

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