If you say anything in a French accent it suddenly seems more justified

I’ve just been browsing the web today which is pretty weird seeing as it is a Friday and Fridays are usually the only day I go out on the holidays, but change is sometimes good, and I won’t bore you with the details of my semi-non-existent social life. xD

The other week my brother brought home this magazine-on-dvd thing called Pedestrian Tv, it’s like one of those ultra cool hipster indie kid (yeah I’m taking the piss 😛 )things that he’s interested in. Things of that nature usually involve him spamming me to death with club party invites on facebook, and him uploading the September/”any month” Indie Playlist (it’s some compilation of songs that are big…or in indieverse not big otherwise it would no longer be indie D: oh the contradictions of young people, nowadays) onto the computer. 

I thought it was going to, well to be frank, pretty shit, but it was actually kinda cool. On this edition was an interview with The Teenagers and the french trio  (although only two members are present in this interview- no doubt because the lead singer was probably getting head from a 16 year old cokeslurry [a homonym for “crackwhore” like “dickhead” is to “penis-cranium”]  ) seemed like they were funny guys. It doesn’t hurt that they are French so they are inherently at least 5-6 times cooler than your average human being. Pretty sure Dorian could be like Japanese too, which only helps to make him 4343 x cooler. The other guy whose name I don’t remember has a tattoo of an atom on his right arm and its deep meaning is like that it is the basis of life/all matter or something like that. It is clean and simple and I think he will probably like it for the next thirty years until his arm gets saggy etc. Yeah, well I want to get a tattoo these holidays but I’m not really sure what to get. I could always get a Samoan traditional tattoo but that would involve me going to Samoa and seeing as I am geographically-constricted I want to get a Western tattoo before I get that one.

Anyway tangents aside, my brother is like one of those thing that pleasantly surprises you. Stability is nice but a nice surprise from someone / somewhere you don’t expect (errrgh not like rape wtf ._. ) is sometimes nicer. 

So I sent him this video because I thought it was pretty rofltastic

Brokencyde – Freaxxx (Music Video) from Eat Cake Films on Vimeo.

They look like a poor man’s Metro Station. A very poor man’s Metro Station.


2 responses to “If you say anything in a French accent it suddenly seems more justified

  1. don’t tarnish ur chocolate black skin with a tattoo musu D:

    however, truong can pull it off cause he’s cool 🙂

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