Patrick Dempsey is a dreamboat lulz

So I’ve been wasting my daytimes with movies.

I’m currently watching an awesome made-for-tv movie starring Patrick Dempsey otherwise known as mcdreamy. It’s one of those guilty pleasures where you’re like, “hey this movie sucks a bit … but I really like it xD” I recommend everyone go see it, it’s called Run. Lol, check your local rental store in the VHS section xD

I like how he suddenly knows how to hotwire cars out of nowhere. The movie is just too much pure awesomeness.

I have such bad taste in movies. I can even remember enjoying Gigli x]
Actually it’s not so much that I have bad taste, it’s that with movies of hmm little substance, I always seem to be able to enjoy them.

Ah I also watched Reno 911: Miami if you’ve seen it you know it’s pretty loltastic. I like the idea of accidental heroes in film-oh and when people pretend to be something they’re not when they so blatantly are that thing.

I must go sweep the floors now to win over my mum ^ ^


2 responses to “Patrick Dempsey is a dreamboat lulz

  1. yehh you do have a bad taste in movies… no wonder you didn’t like it when i picked ‘stomped the yard’

    cause dat movie was da shizzz manggss

    ho ho ho


  2. ♥麗瑛 Lệ Ánh~

    Patrick Dempsey is not that hott ;p

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