Friday nights are family nights ^ ^

So today was pretty chill- just stayed at home forevahhzzz to wait for the new mattress to be delivered (because first one was too big … that’s what she said – – ” ). My bed is freaking really weird and has a high bedposty thing o_O I can’t really explain it but I like it, because I can put things like my mario money container and lucky cat (that gold asian cat you see in chinese shops xD ) on it. 

It got to about 8:00 when my brother, his girlfriend and I left for southbank. I promised to meet up with a friend at 7:30 and as usual I was really late. >_<”

So I met up with them and she was pissed at me, and I was a bit “meh” then we got into this argument followed by twenty minutes of silence without eye-contact. Looking back on it I think it is the only time that I’ve ever thought with Phuong, and that it was FREAKING RETARDED xD

…Oh, and while I was at Cue City I won myself the GANGSTER MONKEY ! hells yeah (H), I named it “G-Dragon” lolz it is now proudly displayed in my bedroom n_n

I went back to southbank by myself saw the movie and realised that I was being a dickhead. I called her and we made nice because PHUONG IF YOU EVER READ THIS I DO LOVE YOU, DI !!!! xD 

I saw four holidays it was okay. : ]
Vince Vaughan is a funny funny man (I think he would be really scary in real life because he is around 6 feet infinity tall ._. )

My brother was like, “it was good” and his gf was like, “it was okay. i pulled a muscle in my neck so it sorta hurts when i laugh” xD

haha I’m guessing that hindered her experience somewhat

On the way home we always see this house with a creepy mannequin dressed up as a nun(only sometimes, sometimes it is a hippie or other things) in Auchenflower. Tonight it was a nun and it was friggen fucking creepy *cringe*

It was scarier than that god-awful movie, Quarantine.


One response to “Friday nights are family nights ^ ^

  1. dude, that nun has been there for YEARS!!!

    my friend first showed me when i was like 9 xD

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