Birdwing vines and other things

Today I was at Griffith Uni for some Science lecture thing that ran from 8:30 till 3:00ish. I got there late because I was lost and noone seemed to be able to help me. T_T  I asked like three public transport workers and none of them knew how to get there. It was so wtf? xD 

To make things worse I had to walk a freaking bush track to get to Nathan Campus because I didn’t know where to catch the bus (I was already at the bus stop that my desired bus went to). Ah yes, 3km of sweaty fun. o_O … that sounds like it could be the blurb of some marathon-like porn.

Did I mention that around twenty people from my school were there as helpers and the Cutting Edge Science Day was for teachers. So in each presentation was a lot of teachers and some of us ._. All of them were science teachers. I liked looking at how different they all looked, and at lunch I talked to year tens (gross, right? 😛 jks) about whether any of the teachers were hot. 

My first lecture/presentation was about insects. FUN. lol, it wasn’t that bad. We were there to present the speakers with their gift which was a pen and a Birdwing vine (an endangered species of native vine that is the main constituent of the Birdwing Butterfly’s diet-also endangered)

Then was lunch…did I mention it was free. Good food tastes good, but I’d like to go out on a limb and say free okay-to-semigood food tastes better than just good food. xD 

After that we split up into “groups” where I was the only person in my group ==” and sent off to lectures. This time it was a 2 hour session on water quality control. It was okay except I had to collect a water sample from their little creek to measure its turbidity (dirtiness xD) and my arm was getting itchy because presenter dude made me stand there for a while without going to wash it off lol. 

Then LUNCH which meant eating foodstuffs. There was this weird spinach wrap thing and I tried it because I like spinach but then it was all minty and disgusting but I couldn’t spit it out because people were around so I punished myself by swallowing it. : (

Last lecture was pretty leet it was some animals dude a la Steve Irwin. He showed us a few different animals. A cane toad peed on his hand, and the quoll and the bettong made everyone go into a serious state of NAWWWWWWWSOMENESS (when someone is like “nawwww how cute ^ ^” 

The day finished with a raffle with a heap of prizes like one ipod shuffle and other pens and crystal pen holders etc lol.

All I wanted to win was a freaking birdwing vine >: [ but alas it was not in the cards for me, or so I thought, and then McGrath won one. I asked him for his and he gave it to me …


so in the end….my life was pretty good today xD

also I thought I was going to die on that one hour detour through the biketrack to get to nathan campus lol


3 responses to “Birdwing vines and other things

  1. hs didnt hear anything about this =) ohh we’re so stupid.


  2. mooti said you called me today while i was at work n_n

    i asked if you were polite and she’s like
    “YESS!!! musu was extremely polite!!! he even said that he hoped that i would have a nice evening”


    she thinks ur cool cause you go to church

  3. gahahaha too funny

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