Ah I realise I haven’t blogged in ages it’s mostly because I cbf, which is weird because usually on holidays my blog productivity skyrockets by about a bajillion points.

So just a quick recap of my life for the past few days

On Sunday Phuong began her adventure that involves house-jumping from friends’ houses for a week. xD It’s pretty cool that she got this chance because her parents are hardcore strictzorz and don’t let her sleep over anyone’s house. 

So I asked my mum whether or not Phuong can sleep over our house for a few days, and her response was, “Sure idc, whatever =/” 
Yeah, my mum is hella cool (H) 

On Sunday I picked Phuong up from Forest Lake and then I guess we just went home and did nothing? xD

Monday was much the same, we just watched tv all day. Good company so it was all good. Later that night we watched Battle Royale n_n 

Tuesday was city outing. D: Heaps of people were there…to the extent that there were possibly too many people. I think I’m going to limit my outings to one or two friends at a time otherwise someone inevitably ends up feeling “ditched’ = =” Bumping into heaps of people is nice but yeah in the end I think you need to focus on a smaller amount of people otherwise they get “meh”

In the afternoon I saw Quarantine which is possibly the most non-scary scary movie I have ever seen. The whole movie Phuong and I just wanted someone to have sex (we were bored). We figured that if they all knew their deaths were imminent that they would want to get some before biting the dust, according to our logic, anyway. xD

After that we hung out with the cool asian guy with the expensive glasses at that fairly new store in Elizabeth Arcade. I think it’s called like “M&CO” or something. We took a few pictures with him, which I’ll put up some other time xD I figured we should take photos because he is cool and now I can introduce you to him Rachel  lol

From the city Ryan, Phuong and I headed back to my house. If life were an RPG I would get a message saying something like “Ryan has joined the party”. Oh which brings me to something lame.

What comes before Part b?

That’s a bit selfish of you …. you, lobster x]
…as in shellfish

Anyway I will spare you from further punishment n_n


Wednesday is today and it is the day that “Ryan & Phuong have left your party” so for now I’m just living by myself (+family, of course)

Disappointing that creepy philo lady wasn’t working at the asian supermarket- so we couldn’t perve on her awesome trashy dragness



So mum bought a new mattress and it doesn’t fit into the bed. lol PHAILZ, oh well xD

I have a massive headache and there are other things I wanted to put in this post but I figure my personal health is more important 


Since we watched a whole lot of foxtel I thought to prettify this post I would put up a picture of the Korean simpsons ^ ^


5 responses to “sun-wed

  1. musu if you don’t move ur mattress, ur dogs will pee all over it xD

  2. … D:

    the extent of that D: will never be felt online.

    that boy is mine. find your own.



  3. i wiki’d that movie
    and saved money

  4. oh my god
    korean simpsons look like ganguro girls


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