Optimism means thinking that it’ll taste better

So I know this isn’t just a personal thing but I just wanted to post about the nature of human expectancy. Why is it that we always expect something to get better?

The only example I am willing to post is when you eat a new food. I always end up doing this. I eat it and then think, “am I enjoying this? … I’m not sure yet, better eat some more” – well, without actually talking to myself because that is a sign of multiple personalities or something, and then I continue eating something even after I’ve realised I don’t like it. I think it’s because I am inherently an optimist, at least I think so. I always eat it or continue eating it and hoping for it to start tasting better.

In my opinion true optimism means convincing-maybe deceiving, yourself, into expecting that things can get better, because sometimes your life might suck for a moment and you have to believe that things are going to get better. I remember watching a movie at my friend’s chinese school, I tagged along, that said something like “bad fortune and good fortune are related-even cyclical, because the commencement of one will eventually bring about the other” 

I know that’s probably a really obvious statement, but I need to remind myself that things are going to taste better  : )




++++ it’s the last day of school tomorrow and I’m excited to go play monopoly in the city n_n


6 responses to “Optimism means thinking that it’ll taste better

  1. I’M GROUNDED, AND PISSED (the angry kind, not the bladder or alcohol kind).

    how was monopoly 😦

    i was there in spirit…


  2. hehe
    optimism is goooood ❤
    and i just read the comment you posted saying you read my blog, so thanks! ^^

  3. i have to stay optimistic or else ill go crazy and sprila down towards the road to depression =]

  4. I hate monopoly.
    I thought I would just throw that out 🙂

    I think it depends on how bad the food tastes ;p

  5. can i have your scraaaaaaabble
    hillary beat me in NZ lol
    but i won the second time
    it was rushed
    we didnt have time
    to finalise scores

    i think she won lol
    is “sudoku” a word XD


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