SMT > CI : ]

Tonight was pretty cool, I went to CI to check out Rachel’s school, the naked people in apartments nearby and her school’s first production that evening called, “Trojan Women 2.0”. Before that we had met up with the most manly men among men- YUKI, who is departing on a journey to Japan and Korea beginning tomorrow.Β 

The show was strongly feminist, but I still enjoyed it. It was very good and the girls in the play were all quite brilliant. Ryan and I were in our uniforms so we did inspire some hate-filled looks. Ah I guess I diffused the situation by constantly reminding Rachel of the ineptitudes of her kind. (girls, that is) I hope she appreciates the jokes, because I sometimes get the feeling that she is somewhat annoyed by it, but then I realise thatΒ frustation = enjoying another’s company. All jokes aside it was really nice to see some women outside of the kitchen doing work on the stage … kidding … sorta … lol, no I am kidding πŸ˜›

Anyway the show was really good and I had tears in my eyes, but only because the lights were so bright and we were sitting up the front and it hurt my eyes >_<;;

After the show we saw all of the performers and congratulated them on their good work, and did a bit of mingling. Rachel is probably a bit upset by how skeezy we were but that’s okay. Totz ok, bebz bcoz I r scene lyk dat. : )

On a side note I know how to make Rachel like you more as a person. YES, YOU! All you need to do is be a guy named, “Tom”, and she’ll never be able to take her mind off you. It is also recommended that you beat her up because Rachel is quite the wu shu pro nowadays, almost form 2 -“eek stay away or she will hadouken you” good, and she respects a man who is capable of bruising her.Β 

All in all a very enjoyable night, and I got to school at midday exactly. Student director gave me a lecture about it and said he would be sending my parents a letter, but I’m pretty sure that they’re already aware of all of my tardiness…


4 responses to “SMT > CI : ]

  1. beeeeep
    do i win?

    yeah after that play i totally respect women more….
    8 -)

    xD hahaha

    it was pretty neat seeing all those CI kids. of course they are inferior but i gotta give it to them….they are pretty good at being inferior…lol

  2. HAHAHHAHAA omg that thing about tom makes it sound like i like him?!?! DISCLAIMER IT, DAMMIT!!!


    lmao at ryan’s comment

    I AM NOT ASHAMED OF YOU GUYS… that much..



    πŸ˜‰ [ryan, discussing/deciphering emoticon shortcuts: a semi colon and open bracket… is the semi colon the one with the little thing on the bottom like a wink??] = =

    no one’s gonna get that D:


    taa~ i shall do a post tomorrow cuz im too SLEEPYYY!! πŸ˜€

    and it seemed like you guys were hitting on techtonik girl πŸ˜‰

  3. “Before that we had met up with the most manly men among men- YUKI”

    this Yuki…

    you need to “man up” and do your schoolwork yo!!
    wow, we do NOT use that word at our school.

  4. ryan & techtonik girk?



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