Social networking sites have three main effects on people. 

1) they make people “popular/unpopular” or “cool/uncool”
2) make some people seem as if they have no friends
3) make people seem desparate 

I just deleted my facebook, bebo and myspace accounts because I, like my URL would suggest, cbf anymore. I figure I don’t need those sites to make me feel insecure–I just have to be in my own house when we’re hosting an extended family barbeque.

So generally, barbeque = yum + fun, right? 

…it would be true if it were not for the fact that outside my immediate family, I don’t really talk to anyone else in my family. I have nothing in common with anyone. There I was with thirty family members sitting alone in the living room watching 300 by myself while everyone was outside having a gay ole time. 

Parties and alcohol are overrated. You just end up taking 300 photos for your facebook profile so that people can tag themselves and comment saying stuff like, “woah I totally got loose that night man!!!!” Either that or you end up feeling as though no-one wants to talk to you there unless you’re wasted. Typing that makes me a hypocrite, but I don’t care.


5 responses to “update

  1. MEEOOOOWWW social networking sites ftw—- procrastination tool no. 2, next to blogging 😀

  2. I agree.
    Going to parties when I don’t drink, I usually have to stick with one person or something (a friend), and no one ever really talks to me because I’m not ‘wasted’.

    Last time I went to a BBQ, it was a family one, and I tried to find refuge in the house.
    Because I only knew like 10 people and they were all adults and their babies.



  3. or maybe you deleted it in an outburst of emotional spillage 😎

    wish you told me sooner

    no more other half on bebo </3

  4. somebody needs a hug.

  5. oops
    you will know what i am talking about

    lol you deleted your bebo last time 😎
    and i drew a comic about you XD
    people liked it
    that means you’re not crazy

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