I seem to be smiling more and more lately : )

FIrst off I tore some abdominal muscles or something on monday at TKD so I can’t go for a bit (say bye to wu shu for the first weeks of holidays D: ) but besides that things are really good. I’m so happy to be over with school soon that I can’t help but smile. It’ll be a bummer that some of my friends are going to be in Europe having fun without me, but the less I think about it the happier I am. 

So I guess I should think about it less xD

Ah I was supposed to go to an opera recital tonight, but I would rather go to a graduation party ;_; there’s always next opera recital I guess, and I need to get dcrunk : )

Tomorrow morning is the psychology class party, and Sandra’s last day of year eleven lmao. Here is a picture of the card I made her (and yes it is very grade two and I suck at doing stuff so … yeah I go to qaSMT not CI fuck lol )

img_1947I didn’t want a picture too close otherwise you would see it’s EPIK FUGLINESS.


This is a shit post but IDC because I’m going to shower and pack my bag for tomoz n_n


5 responses to “I seem to be smiling more and more lately : )

  1. Ah
    we’re not allowed “class parties” at school.
    🙂 love.

  2. yeahhh cbf movie night when i can CRASH AT ROSSIES’ HOT SPANKING OCEANVIEW APARTMENT x]

  3. i hate spiral notebooks

    the spine gets in the way of my hand when i am writting D:

  4. argh. jermie.

    same same.

    we need to blog aswell >______<

    CHYEAHHH. 19th floor.

  5. it is a beautiful card…… i was so lost in its beauty and awesomeness that i was speechless

    also i didnt buy you anything from NZ

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