I had Tae Kwon Do training on Monday night and I’m still in pain two days later. This has made me realise how unfit I truly am. My whole body is still aching, but I like to think it’s because I’ve missed out on training for 1+ month, and Fortunato (DOESN’T MY INSTRUCTOR HAVE THE COOLEST NAME EVER? how fortunato is he to have that name? lol = =;; ) said he would work us hard because of it, at least that sounds better in my head over me being completely unfit. 

I’m so glad assessment is almost over. Today I had math and english exams. I was late, as per usual, so I had to take the math test in my last period because it’s a spare. English went surprisingly okay. I’ve been slacking off so much in english because as an ESL-nonwhite-person I should probably work harder at this subject. = =”

We had to write a commentary on an extract from Much Ado About Nothing. In my paper I wrote things like, ”   ‘paper bullets’ are a metaphorical/symbolic representation of the good and bad things involved with love” – a bit of BS goes a long way sometimes, “cadence is used to highlight the preceding or following lines within this example ” – not even sure what that meant, but I had told a friend that I would give her a dollar if she mentioned cadence in her paper (also, would someone like to tell me how to identify cadence? xD) so I decided that I should mention it too. I used to feel a lot more comfortable with english as my strongest subject, but the past few exams have made me feel like I was really stretching for time. Today I still feel like I didn’t organise what I wanted to write quickly enough, because she said there was five minutes remaining and I still hadn’t gotten to my conclusion. I shouldn’t worry that much though because it’s only a pass/fail class this term. 

Now there’s only one physics test left (I think), and then I am done with exams for this year : )
Ah thinking about my marks is a bit depressing lol. My highest mark was like 90% for psychology, a subject I’m finished with, and lowest mark was something less than 20%. Epik fails = =” Too bad the one subject I did well in this year is the the only subject I won’t be studying next year hah.  

Today was also the day of election speeches for my school’s student council. The speeches were pretty funny and I don’t think I could’ve written one as well as any of them :O For a while people would ask me if I were going for it, and it is only now that I regret not going for it. I filmed Ryan’s so if I ever get around to uploading that on youtube I’ll post it in here. My instep mentor tells me that I have some innate ability to lead people, which I always thought was a bit silly because you’d think everyone has that ability, but I do want to prove myself to some people at school. I guess there’ll be other opportunities to do so.  

In other news, I really like Alanis Morissette right now. I’ve always liked her but recently I’ve gained a greater appreciation for her work. I know I’m ten years late on the bandwagon, but if liking Alanis Morissette makes me appear as though I am a Lesbian feminist than I am okay with that (PIGEON-HOLING FTL.)


Right now I plan on watching Never Back Down or The Darjeeling Limited. Ah decisions, decisions!


5 responses to “Unfit

  1. Fortunato??

    lowest mark was something less than 20%.

    don’t worry.
    loveyou <3~~

  2. my maths HL was surprisingly easy =T

    maybe i was delusional &that was my mind’s way of saving me =)

    i took up swimming lessons T___T

  3. rofl

    never back down xD

    that’s a funny movie!!!

    NO MORE EXAMS… except for religion but yeahh… no study for that

    jade’s party friday 🙂
    you gonna go?


    P.S if you were still at flc you would have totallygot college captain


    have you been blogging especially much in preparation for exam block? :3 (or is it over??)

    hmmm time for me to be a dedicated fan.. and REEAD BACK~ P:

    —— i saw you today! i was waving like an idiot not at you, but at that girl with you 😀 i caught the same bus as her once, or twice- and thought it was my duty to maintain the acquaintance-ship 😀 i’m so nice.

    D: BYEE~

  5. I used to like Alanis Morissette, back when i was white and did white things such as listen to white music
    cause i watched this fruits basket AMV (back when i was jap and liked japan cause it was so rad) and some alanis morissette song was the bg music
    so i got obsessed with this song and even recorded it onto my mp3 player for year 7 canberra trip XD (back in the days when u didnt know how to dl musics)
    and then i found out she sung “ironic” and was like WTFFFFFFFFFF

    fun story
    you’ll remember this story and i’ll forget i told you
    oh well
    year 7 is full of shit

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