Progress or the lack thereof

So it’s 1.45AM and I have a mandarin exam today. I’m watching Maury Povich, and the episode is about husbands being controllers of women o.o I’ve heard some effed-up-shit I.e. “Ever since she married me she became my property.” Ah one more reason to love the every day American. Kidding. I don’t know any Americans so I can’t base any judgements on personal experiences, but I’m open-minded to the idea that good Americans (besides like Hillary Duff, and the ladies of Disgrasian) do exist. 

disgrasianreplyblogHer response to my suggestion of Disgrasian making a youtube channel. lol
Self-depreciating humour is good in moderation. xD 

Besides Maury I’ve seen a woman get her breasts removed in her quest to become more of a man, the history of vibrators, some lame wannabe-models on australia’s next top model, that 70’s show and a documentary about The Dixie Chicks. 

I should really be sleeping or studying or something but it already feels like my holidays have started. 

embarrassment“Hola, muchachos!”
You know because I like embarrassing myself. FTLULZ. 17 days of little-to-no progress. Oh yeah check out my hair xD looks like a freaking brylcreem commercial lol

My weekend wasn’t all that eventful, but the events that transpired were really quite enjoyable : )

On Saturday night I saw The Wackness  with my brother, his girlfriend and Ryan. Afterwards we ate Nandos, and discussed world politics (not really or at all lol). The movie was pretty dope but I think I set myself up for disappointment. I had REALLY REALLY wanted to see the movie for a long time and expected so much that I was a bit disappointed in the film, as a result. >_< Silly me, ah well. I stuck the little poster up in my wall because I liked the picture. I really liked the ’94 hip hop style of the film-the old school rap, ghetto swagger, graffiti art, etc. + All the hip hip jargon made me giggle, oh and the mention of a pussyquest was pretty funny, too. Ah, I guess I am a sensitive old white man at heart. xD

Next movie I really want to see is Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist but until I find a theatre that’s screening the movie I’ll have to settle for Death Race this upcoming weekend. 

After dinner I came home to find that we had guests staying over for the night. I wasn’t really sure who they were :S but my sister said they practically raised my dad, and started the first Samoan church in Brisbane, which is pretty cool I guess.  


I’m off to bed now because I feel really clean and my hair has no knots because I just showered. ^ ^


4 responses to “Progress or the lack thereof

  1. Sigh, Musu-ya~~ your hair looks genuinely HORRIFYING.
    (so does the face)
    don’t hurt me.

    ahhahaa that facebook comment was CUTE.
    and and and

    EW… nandos.

  2. ahhh we are seeing high school musical 3 the day it comes out!!!

    4th of december!!! at garden city…

    we are probs gonna book though because i don’t want to have to resort to violence on the day by pushing over innocent little kiddes to get my tickets…

    and twilight… lets conform to this mainstream crap

    however, the girl playing bella is a dissapointment…

  3. *cries*

  4. did you comb your hair
    i agreeee jermia bella is blahh
    and so is cedric-fucking-diggory
    they need asians lol
    asian vampires………

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