Family Fridays

Today was a good/bad/okay/non-specific adjective day. 

I went to school for the first time in two days–mostly because I bought a weekly and I thought it would be a waste if I didn’t use it more often, but like always I was late. 

(notetoself: #1 NY Resolution is to be more punctual >_<)

After school I was supposed to meet up with some Gold Coast friends in the city, but I couldn’t find them. LOL


In the arvo, I went to Inala with my family because mum wanted to buy some food (like pre-cooked fob food because she had been hand-sewing for four hours on church table settings and didn’t have time to cook o_o ). Inala is like a melting point nowadays xD (not just for bogans, drunkards etc 😛 ) but culturally. The cultural landscape is nice, because there are people from Somalia, Vietnam (OBVIOUSLY THEY OWN THAT SUBURB G!!!), etc etc

+ Mum likes to buy fish from that Dong Duong(?) place. I bumped into the international student I met the previous Friday n_n but Li was on the phone so I just patted his head and walked to the car 

On the way home we stopped at the new(not actually sure if it’s new?) fish’n’chips place down at Springfield Lakes. My sister was talking about (I mean “tokin abt” = =) going their for the first time and being like “wtf?” at the deep fried mars bars they had on the menu and I said that I would like to try one. Not knowing that she took me seriously she ordered the mars bar without my knowledge. T_T


I don’t really like Mars Bars on their own either,(I don’t like milkyways either :S ) but the deepfried mars bar was okay lol. It’s like covered in batter, and tastes like a deepfried pancake =/ with melted chocolate inside. FATTTTTTTTTTTTTT CALORIE ATTACK. 

Eh, I think I’m to passive to worry about stuff … xD

So night time consisted of



I always have ideas that I forget. So my friend who thinks it’s really handy to have a notebook on hand bought me a notebook. What an awesome guy?

: )

Now I will never forget anything lol


+++++ My brother is really Australianised. He even knew what “fair suck of the sav” meant. xD 




3 responses to “Family Fridays

  1. +++++ My brother is really Australianised. He even knew what “fair suck of the sav” meant. xD

    WELL, I DON’T!! 😛

  2. i dont think i have a right to say “g’day” =__=

    DUONG DONG IS SHIT. we were gonna buy the other fish shop and we’re all fighty about them but then inner conflicts aroused (LMAO) and then we didnt.

    but we have all this shit on them 🙂
    Stay away from the mackerel ;]

    <3you mufu

  3. are you talkign about something fishy… they make nice chips :]

    and my old locker buddy works there!
    you know, that guy who was in year 8 when we were in year 9 and i think i got amo to start on him or something …

    lol yeahh him ^^

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