Just smile because it’s almost over : )

I got my camera back so I can finally make a new video n_n
It should be on my youtube profile in no some time at all  
(I’ve had so many ideas for videos that I should’ve wrote them all down. IF ONLY I HAD A POCKET NOTEBOOK :O lol, I think only Rhino will understand) 

So -last night/early this morning- I found this blog of this guy who has had a series of unfortunate events occur in his life, and he was of similar background to me (Samoan), but he is so angry and alone. For a while I was scared it was going to be me in the future, but then I realised I’ve let so many things go. My fear was silly because I realised I’m not like that guy. I can’t hold onto grudges from over twenty years ago, and not merely because I am younger than twenty. (PERSONAL CHALLENGE: HOLD GRUDGE FOR TWENTY YEARS, QUICK SOMEONE GIVE ME A REASON TO HATE YOU >: ]          ) Also I figured that just because I can’t find many role models of my ethnicity that I shouldn’t just latch on to anyone out there, because he was a bit of a pompous twat. I’m just going to model myself on what I want to be, and not on anyone real-regarding any “Racial” role models because Jay Chou would be my role model otherwise lol.

: )

There’s been too much mess going around, and I don’t want bad karma to come and rape me. So I’m giving everyone a clean slate (unless you are actually my friend, because I don’t want to get rid of all the funny dirty hate shit we have between us n_n retarded relationships ftw? ) 

I guess hate will always just be a hobby of mine. Much like racism-for-leisure. Lol don’t get the internet police on me o.o I’m not racist for real-realz, just for play-playz

I also want to clear something up. Sometimes I come across as being really cold, most of my close friends know that even when I am like this that I don’t mean to offend people (which doesn’t mean I never want to offend people xD lol) Anyway the point of mentioning this is that, my friend Eugene hasn’t given up on me. Even after I’ve neglected to be a good friend to him because I’ve been somewhat cold, but THANK YOU, YOU’VE RESTORED MY FAITH IN HUMANITY  (…well to an extent, because racism, famine, war and videos like this can exist).

It’s reassuring to know that someone thinks you’re a good person when you don’t think that about yourself. If anyone gets what I mean, can I get a holla ? (sorry I apologise for that I just felt like using “holla” in a post, I’m not a cool I know my place D:  )


I have a math test tomorrow : O 
which I will study for in all my classes prior to it, because it is my final period lol
I’m thinking if I at least pass everything this term (this term our report cards will only say “pass/fail” for subjects lol) I can get a pretty new cellular hand portable communication device AKA mobile ^^

I do however feel that I really NEED an ipod, because so much of my time is spent traveling independently that I need something of a companion besides crazy hobo drunk bum on train at night time (no offense Barry, I love your company and all lol) . T_T I’m thinking about leaving magazines with ipod touches circled in red felt pen on my mummy’s dresser xD OR conveniently placing “musu’s xmas wishlist” on the fridge and be like “Oh Pi (no his name is not like mathematical pi ~_~ it’s pronounced more like “pea” lol), my three year old nephew, must’ve gone through my things to put this on the fridge. What a silly baby !? ^ ^”

The list will look like this 

It’ll have all the good shit like world peace, and a happy sun man : ) and mum will think I’m cute and innocent (she’ll see the backwards letters and melt-OH and the obligatory worldwide people holding hands thing. That shit’s so mastercard-EFFING PRICELESS.)


lolsecondpic1but in reality this will be what I wanted to draw *devilish smile* ^^

If that all doesn’t work out dad says he wants me to get a job on the holidays, so I could *cringe* earn the money by myself. Haha I guess I have been slack in the employment area for some time, like most areas in my life, but whatever. 

Almost end of school year -> almost end of year -> almost the start of a new one

I could already post a bunch of NYE resolutions that I’ve been thinking about but I don’t want to jump the gun xD

Oh and the nipple piercing thing was to see if anyone actually reads this xD


5 responses to “Just smile because it’s almost over : )

  1. Used Condom [ewww]

    just… whoring out the first comment to ya… yup… =/ and i wonder if ipods can sue for sexual harrassment charges… getting ‘touched’ over and over… seems a little… anyway. gl hf D:

  2. *runs over and looks at your youtube*

    why would you traitor your LG for a itouch?

    😀 loveyou

  3. HOLLA ><”

    you mean you just want piercing obsessed pplz to come lookie at your blog? =)

    musu you make me laugh.
    &i should be studying. shizz =T

  4. toughen up sweet heart, i told you that you could have my sony ericsson… traitor bitch xD

  5. you know how i said i’d give you my iriver when my phone came……….

    well the memory card never came, the phone battery sucks and daddy says not to use phone as mp3 because phone battery will deteriorate and it is more expensive than another mp3 player
    also dreamworld is for physics hours……

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