Renaissance men, Soundwave, my twitchy right eye and campaigning

I really like the idea of everyone being like Renaissance men (and women to be like this as well, except not like their female counterparts from the time-period xD but more like the men). Well-cultured, talented in the arts/public presentation/sports/everything, but I am aware of how unrealistic this is. It’s just that if everyone was as talented as they could be-and as talented as each other the world would be perfect. I just got this idea stuck in my head because last night I had a little fripple fest (lol, I just went for a swim at night >_<), and realised I want to be a better person…at everything. Anyway, just a silly idea. Woah, come to think of it I sound like a eugenecist – ugly people shouldn’t have children etc etc etc x]

… On a lighter note, I’m thinking about going to soundwave with Jermia as she suggested. : )
Even though it’s only because Hellogoodbye are performing (hah, I’m not really big fans of the other bands) but seeing as Jermia and I basically know all the songs from ZOMBIES! ALIENS! VAMPIRES! DINOSAURS! (I’m pretty sure it’s their debut album) that’s reason enough. Maybe if we go they’ll be able to convert us into being fans of them (the other bands that is).

I’ve realised I need to put in more pictures otherwise my posts are just big blocks of boring text that noone cbf reading … but I have no pictures so too bad xD

AHHH! My right eye is twitching and Mr Webb (a renaissance man, he can do anything – chemistry, math c, diagnose illness, PLAY PIANO, speak German and French, and I’m assuming every other language including the impossible-to-learn-after-childhood-African-languages) told me it was probably because there was too much caffeine in my diet. This all makes sense because I’ve many cups of coffee today. Ah, how I miss Michael xD (he was my favourite teacher and he left and got replaced- Oh mon dieu! )

I am also the self-appointed Ryan Georges ’09 campaign manager, so I guess I have a picture to put in here after all.

lolforblogThis was reproduced with the permission of the Georges ’09 Campaign Team (lol that’s Sabby, as vice, and me as SUPREME OVERLORD MASTER)

Haha Sabby made it for Ryan. Hopefully Ryan doesn’t put his cranky pants on after taking off his able-to-take-a-joke pants, whilst maintaining his friendship shirt? (woah AWESOME analogy xD)

Anyway back to Poisson distribution and all that good shit =.=

EDIT: soz nath I forgot to put on your free pr0nz 😥


8 responses to “Renaissance men, Soundwave, my twitchy right eye and campaigning

  1. LOL i was semi-part of Bek’s campaign team xD but then i think shikara took over fully 😛

    R. Kelly: The Cynical Alternative
    (she coined it herself :DD)

  2. haha that sounds like something very Bek x]

  3. ryan is a babe 😉 hahaha

  4. ah I know he’s everything you ever wanted in a son
    pobre~ (U)

  5. I hate to say this yeah…

    (NEEK, NEEK, NEEK!!!)
    Sorry, I’m doing the Tudors in history AS.

    That photo really scared me.
    Reminds me of something I gots to show you (:

  6. yaaaay soundwave

    will all the hardcore emos rocking out to our fav hellogoodbye….

    tickets are expensive…. but totally worth it ^^

  7. my cheeks hurt x]

  8. there is none… it hurts… so much D:

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