Social Genius

I would define as the people who so easily become friends with everyone they meet, and will eventually befriend everyone you meet.

What makes someone a social genius? Is it that they have 9 000 more friends than you on facebook? That they always appear too busy to talk to you? I’m sure there’s at least a million different reasons why these people are so popular (excluding Tom, because I’ve never met anyone who knows anything about him SRSLY, I wonder if he has a real personal myspace…) but I was thinking about it, and realised what’s the point? 

It’s so scene. Hah. It’s just that the majority of internet friendships (well mostly people who whore themselves out =/ ) I see are superficial at most (not you Le Anh, I love you 😛 so disregard this post, also you just started messaging me as I wrote your name and I am scared that my wordpress is somewhat magical 😐  ). Not just internet friendships, it’s like the people with a bajillion friends can never really connect with them, but there are methodological considerations to take into account when using this observational technique to collect data (ouch, my psychology-studying-part-of-brain hurts = = also that was only an 8 mark xD).

Is it some sort of human defence? Is there a capacity for the amount of human relationships one can make? There has to be an ending point, don’t you agree? If we’re constantly meeting new people, throughout life, then we’ll have to let go of some of our older relationships. Won’t we? I think a definite reason for some social geniuses to have come into existence must be their tolerance for superficial relationships. If they don’t mind being in one’s thoughts one day and out the other then they can deal with the superficiality of their relationships. They’ve probably developed a sensible amount of detachment from their friends. 

It’s not an insult to be a social genius. I generally admire just how likeable some people are. Social geniuses can win over anyone, and eventually I think they will be the leaders of the world



I don’t even know what this post was about, but I just felt like posting it. Also very bummed at the fact that The Bloc Party tickets have sold out and that I don’t have a fake ID. T_T


5 responses to “Social Genius

  1. WordPress as somewhat magical?
    How about, ME AS MAGICAL? ^___^~~

    And I lovage you too husbando!!
    At least you and I are friends, not out of something like “I’m gonna add anyone I can because they’ll boost my friends list.”

    🙂 Love

  2. this is more like internet social genius.
    or a wannabe cyber social genius xD

    its 6.46 am =__=

  3. hmm… when i actually think about it

    i’m an anti social bitch and i don’t have a lot of friends

    doesn’t that just make our friendship so much more special!?!? ^^

  4. too long to read
    fuck u

  5. ah thank you for the constructive criticism, my dear friend

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