“Best School of the Year for Sex Education and Good Manners”

I watched a movie on crunchyroll because I was really itching for something fun to do. ._. (my youtube subscriptions haven’t made any new vids in a while that I haven’t already viewed lol), and the title comes from a scene in the film. If only that was an award my school received, then the overall disappointment of my school would seem like nothing against our grandest of achievements. 

In the film a high school student is abandoned by his parents one day because they can’t deal with his bad behaviour (not like total abandonment; but conditional abandonment whereupon his behaviourial improvement will bring about their return). Anyway it starts out with him supposedly looking for some girl to get with…but really he’s scouting for women with the potential to supply his baby with breastmilk(lulz? I didn’t know people still got other people to provide their babies with breastmilk :S )

It’s called Baby and Me and its as entertaining as Miley Cyrus is inspirational.
: )
Very, that is. 

Anyway I have a Japanese friend named Akio and I’m currently in the process of making him the new “chuck norris”. Except that my jokes aren’t as funny, and are really stupid (and evidently do not set out to make him seem like the creator of the universe/monster/god/epik dominator of humankind/etc o.o ) 

What do you call a lazy Japanese person?
A slAkio

What do you call a crazy Japanese person?
A wAkio

What do you call a Japanese person who has been in the sun for too long?
A blAkio

What do Japanese people put their clothes on?
A clothing rAkio



I decide I’m going to have start enjoying studying, because it looks like it’s going to be one of the only things I’m allowed to do.  =/

If you have an akio-related joke please put it in a comment, I’d love to hear them : )


btw I’m not taking the piss out of akio, I’m just lame and he’s pretty cool xD


2 responses to ““Best School of the Year for Sex Education and Good Manners”


    musuuuu!! i’m sorry i havent posted in a while 😛 i’m itching for it though 😀 i was just a bit depressed after the business exam 😦

    AKIO IS SO FUNNY— did you see the german expressionism thingy? with the photos?? hehe

    :3 good times~

  2. crunchyroll <


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