Hate brings us closer together

Facebook groups.
They allow you to connect online with people who share similar interests (or are also amused with group names like, “I secretly want to punch slow walking people in the back of the head” etc) but I think I’ve realised that equal measures of hate are just as useful in maintaining and progressing my interpersonal relationships, as common interests. 

Think about it. A lot of your friends right now might have less similar interests, as they do things you hate or similar disinterests, as they will be referred to. It’s the great equalizer, even a unifier. If people can’t find something else to talk about, they bitch, and find it fun. 

Not that I’ve just noticed this, but I noticed that it’s helping some of my friendships. I hypothesise that similar disinterests are key components in maintaining friendships. 

Even with political stances it can be true. People who are against a goverment, share the common disinterest in their government. 



What separates us from other animals?

The perceivable ability to bitch about other things together through mutually intelligible communication.
 : )

Spread the word hah


4 responses to “Hate brings us closer together

  1. french person with a hat?

  2. i fink uu should stop tokin and being so rude musu.
    lolol. that doesnt make sense but i wanted to include the ‘tokin’ cause thats essential.

    umm,k. i thought this was going to be a 1100 word essay like sandra’s but then i scrolled down and found the comment box XD.

  3. bahaha i remember this.

    in fact, i think this is how emos and goths came into existence


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