i love my techno


There are a few things I want to talk about and no way I can think of segueing them seamlessly, so I’m not even going to try. : )

So I have anticipated psychology finals this week, and I’m going to epik fail. There’s so much crap that I’m pretty sure we didn’t go through well enough in class (did we ever look into cognitive schemas ? ANYONE? ) or I didn’t note that I didn’t understand very well. Anyway last night I stayed up until 3, to wake up at 5, reading all my psychology handouts. As a result my resting heartbeat is not healthy and neither is my resting breathing rate. : ) 

You know that crap about classical music helping you study? 
All of last night I just listened to techno while reading, at least it kept me awake. I downloaded a techno remix album just so I could study  xD lulz, if anything it keeps my heart beating =.=

… and now I’m trying to find a link between this and the next thing I want to talk about …


I think that link will suffice. 
P.D.A – public displays of affection

Okay seriously, my greatest pet peeve of the brisbane public transport system is not the occasional lateness and sometimes low frequency of available seats, but mostly that festy high school kids can dry hump in my carriage and leave unscathed. I would probably hit them if I could, but most of the time I’m just too disgusted to go near them. In a sense, the filthy hooking up of (INDOOROOPILLY, yes FUCK YOU >:O ) high school kids is like a train wreck. It’s so wretched and horrific yet you find it difficult to escape it’s alluring wrath. I feel like an angry public transport commuter writing to MX but whatever, you’re disgusting and you might think you’re being cute and romantic, but you’re actually disturbing public safety (what if someone has to close their eyes while navigating around you and they end up crossing the yellow line and getting sucked underneath a train?!?). Yeah, a bit of consideration for those around you, bogan state high kids. T_T

-I only say state high school kids because it’s seems to be more of an obvious problem than with private schools, and yes I know I’m pretentious but this blog is mine so :P-

…errrhm can’t think of a segue for this …

but here look at Jess’ cool photos xD


4 times the lulz

lol eelyn was like “I thought that was the real musu just with new style and stuff”

= =” 


Also my phone is so shit that I’ve given up on using it for anything other than an alarm clock. I hate LG. The fact that you’re pretty does not make up for the fact that you’re shit. >:[

Anyway because I stayed in my room and blogged my family ate all the food and now there is nothing left for my dinner.



9 responses to “i love my techno

  1. blackwhiterhino

    i havent read it yet but i wanted to be the first to comment it >< haha

    LOL awesome pics ^^ ahha

  2. schemas are like something you already know, then fixating it on something new xD
    like kids visualing a woman ironing and a man… sitting watching tv as sterotypical.. stuff.

    musu good luck, cos all i do is talk in class via my laptops and i seemed to know my shizz.

    and my fambam ate all the food when i was crammin for exams last term.

    you lose weight. win win i guess >_>

    The fact that you’re pretty does not make up for the fact that you’re shit. >:[ hahaha ily.

    i did PDA once on the train and this old lady said she had a great fun time watching me ^^


  3. oi oi oi duuude dude i have finals next week!!!!!!!!! *squeals*

    lol it was enjoyable

  4. dammit Ryan commented first


    =( =( =(

  5. sigh~
    fail !!!
    😐 …
    zomfg … u posted the star wars one ><

  6. blackwhiterhino

    Techno for musu and rap for ryan…neither of us is more elite but we both think we are >< hahaha

    P.D.A’s..well they arent too bad if they arent the usual bogan like people you find out on the ipswich line xD LOL

    awww no food. well you can always try some of my meat….

    xD hahahahahah

  7. lol PDA is less apparent in private schools because our uniforms do not encourage it xD

    i think the aim for the FLC uniform was so that you couldn’t see any leg…

    but what do they expect from a bunch of slutty horny school girls like us…

    lol i listen to classical music when i study… and look where it’s gotten me :D:D

  8. haha well i only started studying last week for psych

    … yeah i should probably listen to classical music :S lol

  9. nahha ROCK FTW (=

    and i think jermie is right cos my current slutty uniform requires us to wear miniskirts and loosely low buttoned white shirts =L

    &i think that song isnt that great either but jermia likes it so ill listen ^^

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