Movember has begun ={)

(that smiley up there is a smiley-with-a-moustache or a “Mus-tache” lol =.=)

So I just finished shaving my back face in preparation for Movember. At first I was reluctant to sign up because other people at my school have full manly facial hair and it puts my bitchy hair growth to shame (DAMN YOU, JARED, RYAN ETC xD) but I figure I need the CAS hours and not shaving my moustache for a month is a pretty easy way to get them 😛

A seedy picture of me before I get to the bitchfest xD

I suggest if anyone would like to make out with me that they so soon, to avoid being macked on by my (soon-to-be) seedy 80’s pornstar moustache. Ouch, I cut myself a few times T_T, and thanks to Lakapi for being my photographer xD haha

Woah, so much drama at school lately. xD I like the drama, it makes me feel like my life is a movie or some teen dramedy sorta thing. Betrayal and all that good shit (well it’s not actually “good” lol, but for the intrinsic value of a story it is). 

I had a quasi “counselling session”(it lacked the mandatory condescending remarks made in an ordinary counselling session) with my instep mentor (or form teacher/Pastoral Care teacher :P) that I think I needed. I trust him enough to believe what he says when he told me that most of the teachers find me arrogant/rude/acts-as-if-i-have-an-attitude-problem (which I do tend to put on). :S   … I agree to some extent, but not without reason. Anyway I don’t feel as though I need to justify my actions to other people, but I’m not going to refuse their questions if they ask me about it. I don’t really appreciate that you would go to another class and start a bitching session about me with your english teacher. O_O I think that’s borderline inappropriate (and I use the word, “borderline” very loosely :P). Saying that I have no right to discuss a problem with a teacher like I did, and then going behind my back (and a few other peoples’ backs) and talking to a teacher like you did. In my opinion, I find it less appropriate to discuss the situation with people who are in no-way involved (btw you weren’t really involved either so yeah I don’t get why you’d talk about it ) o_o Who made you the moral police? Is it a self-given title, because of your high respect for public decorum  (EPIK LULZ btw srsly if I hear you squeal on the bus or something to get attention from people who don’t know the real you I hope someone fucks you up -_-)?

By doing this it shows that you’re not really concerned about whether what I did was right or not, but merely interested in the attention you could get from it. I’m not going to judge you because there are enough people judging you and your posse (two people can still be a posse, right?), but just know that I don’t care about your opinion. That you’re nothing. That there’s so much shit against your name right now, that at least some of it has to be your fault. I agree that I’m not perfect, but I find it so hypocritical of you to talk about me like you did. I know you’re just doing it for the attention, which I’m okay with, it’s not like there’s anyone at school who really cares about you.

This week was going to be the week where I built my figurative bridge and made amends to broken friendships. After what went on I don’t think this is going to be happening anytime soon…





anyway on a happier note…CONGRATS TO Tyler and Phuong 😛

Interracial couples are the new thing right, Phuong? lol


9 responses to “Movember has begun ={)

  1. hahahaha tyler and phuong is old news mannn!!!

    get with the times!!!

    i think softcore white boys are the new hardcore asian boys xD

    there seems to be a lot of that going around…

    lol… musu rude???


    it was never of rude of you to get into ur little hissy fits and storm out of miss boyds class xD

    just cause she accused you of plagiarism…


  2. haha let’s not live in the past 😛

  3. blackwhiterhino

    LOLZORZ. mmmm, yum…porno mustache ^^ haha
    :{ )

    Hmmm…perhaps i should start movember today too..

    LOL musu, that was some serious emotional venting.
    im there for you bro ^^
    …..with our powers combined we are captain planet (Y) xD

    hmm…we should shoot the maths rap after your exams.

    p.s you have the coolest ‘ghetto blaster’ ^^

  4. you’re so cool


    i can’t wait to see it xD

    COME ON MSN!! i wanna know more about your high school soapie 😀

    (it’s like neighbours… cept no one’s knocked up or dying… yet D:)


  5. LOL?
    what is with this moustache fetish of yours?
    I do not understand 🙂

  6. YAY for inside jokes blog entries ^^

    but musu, you look so good with no facial hair T_T


  7. i love you

  8. lol thanks, eelyn babes 😛

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