let’s talk about sex, baby

Well I’ve been thinking lately that I’m pretty sure my mum knows that I know what “sex” is, but just to make things interesting in my life I think I’ll try and jumpstart a “sex-talk” with her. The birds and the bees andall that jazz. lol 

I mean I know that babies come from stalks, and that it only happens when a man and a woman love each other very much and are in a marriage, but there’s still so many questions 😛

I have this idea that the “sex talk” is a white people invention because I’ve discussed the topic with my ethnic friends and none of them have ever even heard their parents say the word, “sex”. (on a side note though: I’ve only ever heard my father swear once in my life so him not saying “sex” is not that much of a surprise) 

It’s only because I got a bunch of postcards from a good friend, that has “Tonight I’m getting an infection condoms” written on it, and I think it would look cool on my wall.

Either I sex talk with my mum or I never let her see my room wall ever again, but I’m thinking it’s a terrible idea because my parents are somewhat conservative. x]


6 responses to “let’s talk about sex, baby

  1. am i one of the ‘ethnics’

    &you should ttly youtube it, cos musu one video wont make you a star ^^

  2. hahaha… yess we all know my mum tried to have the “sex talk” with me… but i just yelled at her and told her i already knew “everything”… and to her suprise i even knew about oral sex…

    thus, this topic will never be spoken of again… until i’m pregnant… then it’s kind of had to avoid… xD

  3. omg did jermie/mylo write about this too? cuz i commented ><

    and i’m not gonna repeat myself…



    that’s craaaazy 😦

  4. LOL
    Omg, my mama died before I was even nearly old enough to have the talk.
    Not that I would be given it if she was alive.
    And my dad acts like sex doesn’t exist.
    So maybe you’re right, maybe it’s a caucasian invention.

    My sister attempted to give me the talk once.
    All I had to say was:
    “Jie jie-ah, I’m waiting for marriage.”

    Tbh, it’s a bit late to have a sex talk NOW isn’t it?
    What if you’re only gonna bring out the worst when she wasn’t even intending on talking to you about it? xD

    you and I have had kids and all 😉

  5. haha i’ve never had a sex talk.

    just the girl one when i was nine..

    am i a bad white person?


  6. me neither
    they gave us it in grade 7
    along with a bag of free tampons/pads/not condoms

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