yellow fever? lol

hmmm I find it really easy to be interested in a band if they have an asian in the group. I don’t know why though, but it just sparks something in my head. It’s like when you hear a band on a radio you expect them to be what is it expected from the music you hear (like is it possible for someone to sound a certain race or culture etc). In a way I think it could be said to signify how the world is getting so much smaller, and how people are changing because of it. I remember fifty years ago (lol =.=) when none of this would be happening.

I was only interested in:

-Daphne Loves Derby because the lead singer is Korean-American.
-VHS or Beta because the lead singer appears to be asian xD.

and my interest in:
-CSS increased when I found out Lovefoxx has Japanese ancestry
-Little Red for similar reasons
-Young & Restless for similar reasons x]
-Bloc Party … well not really because I already thought they were awesome xD 

& others but I don’t feel like racking my brain because I’m studying for psychology finals (lulz xD )

I listen to their songs and if I think about how there’s an asian in their group and it makes me smile (lol wtfx?)
: )
I feel I’ve always had somewhat of an affinity with certain aspects of a lot of asian cultures.
I guess it has something to do with cultural acceptance (or variation, depending on how you depict things)

+ I’m also considering getting a blogspot simply because I want to play music in the background (so I can reminisce about the good ole days with mypsace xD haha)


2 responses to “yellow fever? lol

  1. i wuv u for studying your ass off for psych, and totally not reading this comment til after your exams 🙂

  2. there’s a chinese proverb “四海一家” which means “four seas, one house”… which means something like— no matter where the Chinese are in this world, they will always stay together like one big family 🙂

    err.. RANDOM INFOO 😀

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