uncertainty is my least favourite companion

 I wish I were more motivated to be something great, but to be honest I’m just not that way inclined. Everyone will always say that “you have potential” but does that mean anything? Seriously, because everyone has some potential to be something. Besides attempting to sound reassuring it sounds more like a vague description of anyone in the world.

I’m not ready to make important decisions. I HATE talking about the future and if it ever comes up in conversation I always avoid the topic. People will always say that the future is up to yourself, but we all know that’s not entirely true.

Some people spend their entire lives working hard for something better and get nowhere, where others can just effortlessly walk into a comfortable life. I am basically waltzing through life at the moment. I’m not greatly concerned with my future because I’m scared of what I’ll become … or what I won’t become =/

I’m frustrated that things in my life aren’t as clear as I would like them to be. I’m angry that I’m not the person I want to be. Lastly, I’m upset because I don’t think I’ll ever have the ability to change this.


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