step brothers

I arrived to school late on friday, lugging my ghettoblaster to school for a rap video that we were supposed to film, it didn’t get filmed and I left it in my locker because it’s so heavy xD

I had a fairly mellow friday night/saturday but still a goody.  
: )

On Friday night I went to Ryan’s place so we could go to the psych tute the next day at school.
He had a futsal game that night, and his team is epik pwnage. xD something like 7-4, and Ryan scored most of their goals, too, the pro.  

After that we dropped off two of his teammates, and then tried to catch some guy who threw a traffic cone inside a deep fryer. The chase was unsuccessful but that was enough excitement for the night. When we got back to Ryan’s we stayed up talking about life and stuff for a bit then crashed.


This morning we woke up at around 9 (the starting time of the tutorial), and had breakfast, then prepared to go to school. When we got to Garden City I thought it would be nice to visit Sandra, so we decided to walk there from Garbo (xD that’s “missyau” from youtube’s real name lol)

Possibly the biggest mistake of the day because I took a wrong turn and we ended up walking for an hour, in a massive circle. I knew we were lost and I kept saying things like, “you know what would be funny? if we just ended up walking in a massive circle and wound up back at Garden City…” = = I now believe I’m a bit psychic. 

We got to the city in the middle of the day and by then could not be bothered heading to school, or doing much walking…at least not after that hour of unexpected fun xD (I’m really good at finding shortcuts around this part of town lol) and turns out Sandra wasn’t even at home at the time.

When we got in we just hung out and walked around doing very low-energy-output things. Hanging out was fun though.

When we were at the Dendy (because I wanted to see if they were screening this movie) I grabbed a bunch of free postcards to put on my wall like tiles xD. I also found a Juno poster, but seeing as though I’m cheap I only wanted to pay $4 for the $10 poster. Thanks to Ryan’s charm, and way with the ladies, he was able to secure it for me 60% off lol 😛 

because I was bored lol, I ran out of blu tac so it’s only half done at the moment


All in all quite an enjoyable/dennis expanse of time. 


p.s. Chumpy is cool


4 responses to “step brothers

  1. :p why does that look like a fake wall?

  2. When we got back to Ryan’s we stayed up talking about life and stuff…. LIKE HOW SILLY BOYS ARE!!!

    i will never understand your way with the girls musu… xD

    silly silly silly boy

    and your wall hurts my eyes, in a good way though ^^ LOL

    make sure you leave enough room, for my awesome painting… i haven’t painted it for you yet cause i want to leave you in suspense 😛

  3. i always knew Ryan was a pimp =)

  4. i wanted to comment your other post but you have no comments so i have found away and beaten thes system :D:D

    lol you and your HATE FOR THE FUTURE…

    hate to tell you musu but your living the future right now… ooo… trippy..

    hm… at least one thing is definate about the future… that i’ll always be your friend and our kids will be forced into aranged marriages ^^

    now isn’t that something to look foward to!

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