I’m getting emotional over math =.= and writing a big mess of something less cohesive than the least cohesive thing you can think of D:

So it’s almost 2:30, and I realised I have something that can give me a break from the math homework I’ve been doing (because I just started doing work last night and I need to catch up), and I thought I might as well write something here while I am on a “break” from the exercises. 

I’ve gotten stuck a few times, and you know how there are the times you get stuck and then finally realise where you went wrong and then it’s all smiles and you can laugh and be gay ^ ^

… and then there are the times where you have no idea what’s going on. Right now is one of those times. It’s only probability, but I swear the questions are worded so oddly that my ESL (haha lol excuses excuses xD) won’t let me understand. People in my class will probably laugh at me for saying that I’m having trouble. That’s something I really don’t like about my school. =/

We ARE elitist, but mostly only among ourselves. Like if you get a “C” someone will probably find out and pay you out, or if you fail they’ll do the same too. It makes me feel embarrassed to ask questions in class, and I know that it’s stupid. I’m probably just a little too self conscious when it comes to these things like appearing like I know anything, as though I have any answers. My teachers even get like this sometimes. Sometimes I feel as though people just assume I should understand everything without any repetition, but I know I can’t pick everything up like that :S 

Doing this math homework is seriously ruining the chemicals in my body, why isn’t my body responding and sending me more serotonin?! [hah, and that is my psych revision for today]

I just looked up the solutions manual online and it’ll cost me somewhere between $100-$135, and I know that I don’t have that sort of money on me. I can’t believe HL Math is making me feel so trapped -_-” I can’t even focus on math anymore-the very sight of my text book is angering me. T_T Oh, and I have a pre test tomorrow. Awesome. 


—I took a pause in the middle of writing this to cheer myself up xD
This was achieved by listening to Chairlift – Bruises

^ ^ glad that there’s no actual serotonin deficiency within me, otherwise cheering myself up would not be so easy

Hah thank God/Allah/buddha/Jay Chou/flying-spaghetti-monster for youtube n_n 

After watching that video, I noticed that that guy was not lying when he said he is tall 

but it’s possibly because the other two seem short  

I also looked up some math raps, to check out the Ryan’s competition 

—Tomorrow (well actually today in a few hours when school starts lol) I’m planning on printing out this blown up poster thing for my room wall, so that it looks pretty in my vloggies, and also to print off some sheet music, because besides entertaining me youtube has [sorta, because by watching youtube I’m kinda contradicting this statement lol] made me not want to be a fat lazy weetard with little-to-no talent. I’ve practiced piano for about an hour each day for the past week, so I’m happy with myself : ) 

I can’t stay that upset about my epik failing at math right now because I just remember my sister bought Horton Hears A Who on dvd, it’s pretty much the BEST ANIMATED MOVIE EVER. I literally had tears in my eyes from laughing to much, when I saw it at the theatre earlier this year XD

Oh and another thing that could get me more views on youtube would be if I knew the Tell Me dance or was a crazy blonde crying about Britney Spears … but I don’t/am not so all I can say is “damn, wish I thought of that first xD” 

In other uninteresting news I’ve decided to stay a virgin until I’m thirty. Probably because of what the chaplain said to me about how cool it’d be if you can say that I did everything only with one person :S 

Okay well not everything, but sex … I think that it would be cool to be able to say that? It’s not like I’m against sex, or that I think it’s wrong before marriage, but how often can people say that they’ve truly only ever had sex with the one person they’re going to spend the rest of their lives with (well, presumably the rest of their lives) :S

Actually the real reason is that I was going to say “20” but my “2” key wasn’t working so I just typed in “30” XD

WOAH, I so did not mean to get all Oprah on everybody just now. Tbh, don’t know what came over me.  


I’m thinking about my musical tastes, and how much they’ve changed, and I think it’s funny. I remember when I was younger (cos you know I’m so old being sixteen xD lol) but like when I was from the age of like 11 and below I would only ever listen to R’n’b and hip hop and now that’s probably the last thing on my mind when I think of my taste in music nowadays :S and in year 7 I started listening to other music, and I started liking Belle and Sebastien and then in year 8 I really liked emo music, and now I like really really happy music … like anything used in an apple commercial. Oh and all this Korean music as well. x] I also like club/techno/dance music right now, because that’s what my brother is into

…and if I were standing outside my body peering into myself searching for what music I like I could see that there’s so much variety in there- that I’m rather eclectic. I’m glad that I’ve been through these different musical phases in my life so far, because it makes me feel like I’ve accumulated a broad taste or that by listening to a song I can associate it to a style and to a certain period of my life. The time it reminds me of might be a good time, a bad time, or even a Dennis time (lol, ryan :P). 

It makes me think that I’m steadily writing the score to the soundtrack of my life  : ]




… hmmmm reading that post I seem slightly bipolar, manic-depressive or something but whatever xD, and also I think I’m back into blogging ^ ^


3 responses to “I’m getting emotional over math =.= and writing a big mess of something less cohesive than the least cohesive thing you can think of D:

  1. math is the most depressing subject ever =___=

    but it’s okay… i don’t do IB so i have other subjects to keep me sane and not suicidal 😀

    like physicsss…. *creaammms* LOL

    ewww… sex… ickkkyy why would you even think about having sex musu… EVERRRR!!!

    i was watching scrubs the other day they were like..
    “sex is only for making babies, and revenge~!” xD

    i like the whole soundtrack to your life thing… cause i’m like that too!!!

    but don’t worry… i’ll go post a blog about it right now 😛


    and LMAO at that 30 thing xD but that’s totally what i’m doing! like… how many people can say that they’re 16 and still on bench? huh? HUH? … (((: HAHA but sif til you’re 20/30?! are you really that chaste and WHOLESOME~ little sandra dee 🙂

    and yeaa i just wrote about maths too! omggg we posted like… practically at the same time!! it must be bloggertelepathy :O


    and i remember that scrubs ep xD was it jordan who said that?? i loove her :B

    i think i shall do a soundtrack to my life too! blahhh~ you can have BLOGGER fame!! screw vloggers 🙂 hehe you just started a trend ((:~


    ❤ rach

  3. musu you should come HS cos here a C is like epik pwnage in everyone that matters xD

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