the importance of never having children

Okay so internet is back-yayyyyy but my excitement was cut short, because JJ told me that BoA is pregnant. haha I don’t know why it upsets me, probably because I don’t want her to stop being BoA D:

and if someone were to write a biography of BoA, as a famous singer in east asia, “not-pregnant” would be in the description xD

Oh well, just thought I should talk about how much I like korean music.
: ]
& that yes I am a hallyu wave-er lol (look up “hallyu wave” on wikipedia, trust me it EXISTS-w’pedia says so!)

Listening to BoA and watching her mvs puts me on an …EPIK HIGH (*sigh* I’m so lame lol)

I don’t even know who I’m directing this to… but yeah if you’re not familiar with the korean music scene I’m just gonna list a few artists I like

BoA … I found her out after hardcore watching InuYasha in year 8/9
Big Bang … quintessential “bad boy” image lol 
Brown Eyed Girls … the older, less slutty, more mature version of wonder girls who can actually sing well
Clazziquai … GREATEST KOREAN GROUP EBERRRR sandra likes horan, i like alex lol
DBSK … token “hot” asian boy band
Epik High … started my interest in korean music with “love love love” reminds me of my omma (Min)
Mc Mong … iceeeeeeeee creeeeeeeeaaaam, even though that’s an old song =/
So Nyuh Shi Dae … because you can never have enough members xD
Super Junior … because they’re fun n_n 
Younha … she’s so amazingly talented like woah  

anyway that’s all I can think of for now but yeah

so morale of the story is to not have children while you’re in the peak of your performing career or you will disappoint all your fans 

LOL not really but sorta =/


One response to “the importance of never having children

  1. but i thought she was a virgin =O

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