I thought that I would die without you

…but actually my sleep hygiene just improved. GO FIGURE?


After a self-imposed (well, not at all, but it just sounds better for my character if I say that) separation from internet access for well over a week, I believe I’ve become a less dependent person who is – PSYCHE 😛

I crave internet. I need internet. Internet is like oxygen, only more important. 
I was so desperate for internet that I would go to the library each night to get my fix (except I would end up studying and doing homework…YUCK! what a distraction.)


Anyway I cbf posting on here for now until I get back into my regular habit : ]


but until then -> http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=KyGwGBbleV8 lol subscribe you punks


3 responses to “I thought that I would die without you

  1. blackwhiterhino

    ahh just when i thought you were cured of the internet addiction

    …oh well you do have an excuse, you are famous now and everyone knows famous people can be addicted to whatever the hell they want xD haha

    BIG FOOT x]

  2. what the hell this vlog is like 4.06 mins O.O

    it better be worth watching cause i’m loading it on dial up… while i should be loading art photos for my assignments xD

  3. welll…

    i vote internet is the coolest and i would DEFINATELY die without it..



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