Woah, it seems as though it’s been so long since I’ve been able to write one of these things. There’s been so many things I’ve wanted to post here, and blogging used to be a way for me to vent out my frustrations, or amuse myself in some creative capacity. I think I’ve forgotten how much I think I NEED the internet. I haven’t youtubed in (well less than a week, but it seems like so much longer xD) FOREVAAAAHZZZ. I haven’t kept up-to-date with everyones’ blogs. -sigh- this is all just epik fails. = =”

Anyway today Kt and I basically spent the whole day plotting how we could get some youtube vlog fame. The plan involved either of us making it big time and then the other one riding their wave of popularity. We had ideas for videos all day xD, we should just constantly be filming so we never miss an opportunity. 

EFFING EFF. My internet is being lamezorz at my house so I have to come to the state library every night. So I have a limited time to study/cram all my research for psychology essay/cram all my research for chemistry prac/enjoy life (lol psyche sif i get to do that =.= blah blah im emo now)


Maybe I should write my posts during the day offline and when I fina-freaking-lly get online each night I can do that?

anyway this post is epik failzorz and im pissed now lol


3 responses to “MAJOR AFK

  1. hahahaha yess!!! i always like the feeling when i open a blog and they’ve posted something knew.

    i find it… well not erotic… or a major turn on….

    okay i find your blog a major turn out but hey!?!

    your words of widsom intrigue me 🙂

    OMGOSHH! VBLOGS are so hot right now, i was discussing it with tyler… but somehow we got vblog to mean vagaina blog… but mehh..

    anywho i was watching this guy on youtube called chonny… he’s hilarious check him out… (of course i youtubed this during legal studies cause sif on my precious dial up connection bro)

  2. jermia its called ‘moe’ (H)
    &mychonny is viet wooo (H)
    i fantasize about vlog fame but its so overused by asians now =(

    musu when u become internet famous mention me n_n

  3. Oh my…
    I can’t 😦


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