Fillipino wave?

So recently I’ve been getting into a few cool Filo things (thanks to the many cool filo youtubers like ND Titan Lady et al) like some catchy songs and the cool dances that accompany them (look up “papaya dance” lol I can use these moves for the dance on friday xD ) …



It’s some mega cheesey, ultimate cliche filo telenovela and it’s so entertainingly bad. My parents actually got me into it. xD 

Apparently filo dramas are the big thing in Samoa at the moment, which to me is really funny. A few years ago when I was there bollywood was the big thing. Oh how I’ve fallen behind. lol

So the show is basically amazing (well not really, but I like a lot of cheesey bad things so yeah), and my mum likens it to life in Samoa. I never would’ve guessed that life would be so dramatic in Samoa. My parents have 8 discs of it and have been watching it during all their spare time. xD In a way I’m proud of their dedication.

Luisa is the daughter of a poor maid, who works for Carding’s mother (forgot her name), and Carding and Luisa are in love, but basically cannot be together because Carding is a dreamboat and some next, but rich, slut, Mimi, also wants in his pants (but dw his intentions with Luisa are good and Mimi ends up losing her legs, so serves the bitch right, right? SPOILER ALERT lol a bit late ).

Anyway I think I like this show because some of the subtitles are amazing

Carding : I am contemplating whether or not I should begin courting Luisa 

Hah! If only everyone spoke so formally, the world would be a (slightly) more interesting place…for me to watch xD


but don’t fret, because my fascination with Korea (much like everyone else’s) has not yet faded, and I’m still subject to the Hallyu Wave  (right now I’m into Mc Mong…what a cool monkey man ^ ^)


6 responses to “Fillipino wave?

  1. Oh dear.
    OH DEAR!!

  2. i hope ur fascination with Korea will never die…

    or else our relationship is screwed 🙂

  3. omfg.
    if u have it LEGALLY then it must be worth it musu!

    like how i only really might contemplate buying something in dvd form if its reallllly worth it x)


  4. lol at ALL azn drama subtitles!

    quote hanazakari no kimitachi e (aka hotties paradise):
    “the opposition is a manly foreigner with thick chest hair!”

    lmfalafel xD

  5. hanazakari no kimitachi e!!!!



  6. the girl looks amazingly white for a filo girl
    maybes shes a fredxalric hybrid cross?

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