white sunday practice & accents

Today I had white sunday practice 
It’s pretty much just a big thing where Samoan kids are made to learn a play, and songs and we have church with these performances =/

It also eats up at some of my holiday time, which didn’t matter to me that much when I was younger, because I never went out but now it is uber-detrimental to my social life or my having-fun life. xD

What makes it even better is that I’m not really friends with any of the people my age from church, or basically anyone from church … so I just spend the whole two hours lonerised haha but it’s nice because I don’t really want their company tbh xD 

My minister/guy who is running my play is funny. Today he went on about how when he was a kid that he only got one week to learn all his lines when we’re given three. Also if lines weren’t learnt, child-abuse was suggested (by one of the kids in my play lol). If you’re a fob kid you kind of … expect this sorta thing, but that doesn’t make it right

: ) 
but let’s save abuse for another day because I don’t have the right mindset to discuss something so serious (if there even is a mindset for that type of thing? :S )

Oh and I didn’t even read any of my lines until today and I memorised them all half an hour before practice because I’m pro like that (H). 












Now I’m just going to talk about accents. : )
I’m generally the sort of person who really likes accents (allsorts! just like the licorice except not completely disgusting n_n) because if anything hearing a similar voice all the time can make one

  • bored
  • disinterested
  • want to jam their fingers in a blender 

I like French accents, and trying to do one (although L tells me I suck shit at accents xD ). Oh, and BRITISH, I would trade my soul for a cool British accent. Speaking Chinese with a British accent is probably one of the coolest things I can sometimes do. I like making some people swear or say dirty things in their accents because it makes things funnier for me, but I do not have any tolerance for DIRTY USELESS people with their fake put-on accents who try to pass it off as genuine.

You know what I mean?
More specifically I am referring to Islanders who spend probably THE SHORTEST AMOUNT of time in their lives in NZ, and seem to have really thick kiwi accents. Something within the islander community dictates that “Real fobs are from NZ” or some other bullocks like that.

Cut the shit, Moe et al. 

What’s so cool about pretending to be part of something you’re not?
Kiwi accents are different to Australian accents, but not necessarily better. Even if I were annoyed at constantly hearing ockers talking about their sheilas, I’d much rather that than hearing consistent false accents.

Another thing while I’m at it, STOP TAGGING NEW ZEALAND POST CODES IN AUSTRALIA. It’s not even that I’m against graffiti. I like graffiti, I like it when someone creates something beautiful that everyone gets to view for free. What I don’t like is when people tag stupid things that have no possible artistic merit. We get it you’re from there and you’ll always be from there and repping there till you die etc etc, but seriously if you loved New Zealand so much you would move back there (but I doubt you would want to because most of the places Islanders live in New Zealand are MEGA SHIT HOLESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS)

I guess that annoys me more than it would most people, because I consider most of my immediate family fairly well assimilated into Australian society (my eldest brother has a VERY Australian accent to some people). 

I don’t have a problem with being ABS (haha sorta like ABC but yeah you know not), because there’s nothing wrong with it.



4 responses to “white sunday practice & accents

  1. i get slightly embarrassed with my parents’ asian accent… even though they speak english as one of their many languages P: but it’s really fun to correct them… 😀 like when my dad tries to and fails at pronouncing christina aguilera (her names comes up surprisingly often in our conversations :O) lol just thought i’d add that P:

    p.s. YOU MADE MY DAY 😀

  2. oh yeh…

    even though it was shitorzzzzz.

  3. hahaha… i’m glad you wrote this despite the fact that you were suposed to be tanking up for our formals!!!

    and i hope you enjoy my cho accent just as much as xtine does x]

  4. LMAO?
    I like Kiwi accents.
    they make me crease.
    I’d trade anythin for my stupid british accent.
    Especially when speaking Cantonese.
    I sound ridiciously BBC.

    IT JUST FLOWS~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and I adore your accent ♥

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