:O ^^ xD lol

I can’t seem to get onto wikipedia atm, and it’s causing an emotional response that I do not like (or is it provoking my physiology to react in a way that causes the emotion ;_;  haha studying the biological perspective in psychology has sorta ruined my life in a way ).

Therefore, the only natural thing for me to do was to come onto my blog and post about yesterday’s excitement. 

I did something I hardly ever do which was catch the bus from Springfield (our buses are really infrequent and lame and it means that going out actually requires planning – I.e. the reason I was around 5 hours late for all the outings in my first week of holidays is solely a result of poor public transport planning, on my part). Before the bus arrived I dropped off my resume at Brumbies because I need money, I like money, money makes the world go around, etc etc etc

Jermia and I had planned to go city during the day to hang out, and somewhere along the way she decided to have a PARTY that night. (is 2 people a party? )

So we arrived in the city and decided to head to TOPS funhouse for some good, old-fashioned. strenuous DDR (NB: not actually that strenuous or old-fashioned). I really suck and we always end up doing the same songs that I can’t fail. We also invited Phuong, but since her alarm didn’t go off we called her to find that she was only just waking when we rang. This meant we would have to wait for her to get ready-straighten hair etc etc (I feel like I’m turning into the freaking KING OF SIAM with the gratuitous use of “etc etc”)

God damn the day was boring. 
…but at the same time I really enjoyed it (honestly I did, and I’m not just saying that as a way of lessening my feeling of “COGNITIVE-FUCKING-DISSONANCE” about how I wasted a day in the city…yeah my psychology exam is soon so I will probably be inserting psychology references every now and again…when applicable, of course) 

As required of all asians (kidding, but not really 😛 ) Jermia and Phuong wanted to go Area 58. I must say though that today’s photos were nice, and I realised I’m sort of good looking. 
That sounds terribly vain imo, but w/e because sometimes you don’t feel good about your self esteem and then you realise that you’re not UNWANTED/UNLIKEABLE/UGLY/a fascist dictator…okay some lessons are more blatantly obvious but w/e…

Haha, I just reread that and laughed because as we were walking I said something extremely hmmm ValleyGirl-esque of me

“…I’m good looking”

Yeah it was abrupt as that.  

Don’t spend money on food (because you know, we need to be “buff things (said with a British accent)” for our formals xD (which are very far away  but we need to plan now because Rome was not, could not fact-check this because I couldn’t get on wikipedia, built in a day. Also because money is sometimes nice, but only when you have it. 

After walking around and talking, and sitting around and talking, and not-eating and talking, Jermia and I decided (this word implies that there was some sort of mutual agreement, one which was non-existent : ] ) to catch our train and get my brother to buy the party *cough* supplies. 

I got home and found that my mum had felt unwell during the day. 
Don’t judge me about this because my mother and I have a very good, albeit somewhat odd, relationship.

Mum: I felt sick today
Musu: …ARE YOU PREGNANT? *Discerning look on face*
Mum: I didn’t want to have another baby after giving birth to you.
*Musu is pwnt* 

These interactions always make me laugh, and I am beginning to think that my friends and I inherit a lot of our humour from our mothers. So I just waited around a few hours, trying to kill the time until the time of Jermia’s party AKA THE MOST IMPORTANT EVENT OF THIS HOLIDAY SEASON. (and watched 90210, because I’m a teenager)

So I left the house at about 10PM, wearing the shirt I wore to the formal, pink suspenders, jeans and a dinner jacket (We decided on the theme being semi-semi formal likening it to wearing a dress, but whilst wearing socks). It took me about 10 minutes or something to walk there, and then we had fun.

We were at the park drinking like the disgusting hobos that we are, and roamed the streets all night until about 1:30 when we decided to go McD’s and then to hang out at the lake. We invited Phuong’s friend, because we wanted to get to know him better. Another FRIEND was there as well, he was of age, so naturally  (became/our) chauffeur (don’t worry no drink-driving occured) drove us there.

I slept over his house because I could not be bothered sneaking back into my own house. I feel so pointlessly(?) rebellious, because my parents probably would’ve let me go, but sometimes I just don’t feel like asking for their permission. 

Phuong, him and I were watching porn all early morning (we left the lake at about 3ish or a bit before that). It was intensely hilarious xD. Oh, and watching porn with friends is more of a humorous thing rather than an erotic thing. 

I think watching some girl getting JAP-TRANSLATION-INTO-ENGLISH-TIME “super-sprayed” loses all connotations of eroticism, when you’re watching it with friends all the while-laughing. If we weren’t watching it we couldn’t say things like

“Can’t you just be quiet and enjoy this ? xD” 

I got home at around 10 this morning, and my mum didn’t get back from work/grocery-shopping until around 8pm. She asked where I had been last night when she RANG me (lol she cbf’ed walking to my room) and I said I went for a walk. 

Part of me feels bad for lying, but a part of me realises that people like having secrets. It makes them feel like they’re special, because this one thing sets them apart from everyone else. 
It makes me feel like I’m special. =/

It reminds me of a movie I watched some time ago called Happy Endings, where a guy says that one of the protagonist’s enjoys the fact that she secretly gave her son up for adoption when she was young, because it made her feel different-that the fact that she had this secret invigorated her.

*awkward segue … *



Anyway I’m thinking that more people should adopt, because the people who I know that are adopted are very cool.

: )




After writing this I went back and tried to remove most of the “lol”s and faces because it’s something that I do, and it annoys me. I’m consciously trying to seem more chill and laid-back. =/



2 responses to “:O ^^ xD lol

  1. whatever you do, don’t adopt astro boy :@

  2. why not jermia? he has pretty cool hair.

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