Private school syndrome

Where someone hates the school they go to just because they go to it, regardless of the fact that they might actually like the school. Most popular among private school students

“Oh yeah “________ ” is alright … but like it’s such a shithole”



Also Twilight has become the official novel of all private school girls.


4 responses to “Private school syndrome

  1. but you love FLC… aka the dump!!!

    it might be a shithole… but it will always be our shithole 🙂


  3. a. i HATE Twilight.
    b. Yes, I do call my school a shithole when it’s actually one of the best in Wimbledon.
    c. If only my school was fully private.

  4. yeah our school is pretty much a shithole blah crap face bag blahblah
    but its totally alright =\
    stop going against your destiny and read the damn book(s) :@

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