Yesterday was pretty fun.
I got to chillax with Jermia in our hood- Springfield. (H) xD We took some erotic photographs of each other in our FLC sports uniform (cos we’re cool x] ) while cars passed us on the bridge overlooking the lake. We talked for a few hours, then walked back to her house where we continued to talk and check out all the hot forest lake college formal pictures. Everyone looked uber hot and I’m surprised noone got pregnant. Okay that was inappropriate but whatever xD

We both screamed and sooked a lot about how we hadn’t been out enough and that our holidays were going to waste while we spent days at home. We then cried (well just Jermia) about how Phuong had been to a million parties *EXPLETIVE!*  so we devised a plan to have a party … right then and there.  At the time it was very funny, because we called Phuong and told her to ring all these people and ask them to pick her up and take her to this party (the two of us at jermia’s house xD)  Anyway Phuong is very convincing and if I were her brother, Sun Ho, Yuki or Truong I would’ve definitely done so. Sorry for wasting your credit as well…

GAH FRICKITTY FRICK. lately my comp has been lagging like an….old man with no viagra? (lol I’m just trying to break from using stereotypical metaphors etc xD) continuing on Thanks for the awesome ahem PARTY last night Jermia. xD who needs alcohol, people or fun when we have each other 😛

-BEFORE I FORGET- Pokemon is so bullshit (okay once you get over the whole fighting magical animal battle thing at least) because no animals I own like fruit. In pokemon that’s all they fucking eat, but I swear I just tried to give my cat a banana (errrhm no pun intended = =) and it hissed at me. =/ 
-tangent over-

Okay so Jermia and I were really banking on someone hosting a party this night (because it is school holidays and a Friday night…which usually means like YEAH WE FREAKING HAVE PARTIES COS IT’S PERFECT) but wth? noone told us of any parties. So we’re just gonna be pissy about how noone was in the city today because they were all at the secret party that we weren’t invited to. >: [ 

I woke up at around 9am and my mum was really nice to me, which put me in a good mood xD I had church play practice (I play Jesus yeaaaaah bruhs) starting at 10, but my dad didn’t get home until around 11, and since practice ended at midday, I was only practicing for thirty minutes WTFWASTEOFTIME? The “P” of “A” (because I’m miss newcomb, anyone notice how much she says that or is it just me? :S) Was for my mum, myself and my nephew to go to southbank, but mum ditched us to go hang out with her friends xD  OMG I didn’t catch the train until 2 because my mum was talking to all the church ladies. T___T longest time of my life….two hours full of the LAMEST jokes…I was almost crying…I was so stonefaced while everyone else was cracking up about terrible foblish jokes x_x 

So I took Lakapi to southbank with Rachel and the gang…Alice said my nephew was pretty and she thought he was a girl lol …it was pretty cool, except that she wasn’t there and I was sorta really disappointed xD 
After that we meet up with his mum(my sister), and drove to Sunnybank to eat and watch WALL-E. It was pretty cool. I also stopped by Sunnybank KFC to go say hi to sandra and perve on her SOUTHSIDE HONEY 😛 LOL YOU FCKING AMANDA-TANG-ALIKE xD   

After the movie I asked my brother for some change so that I could DDR before we left, and who did I find on the machine? PHUONG! xD I love serendipitous occasions like that when you’re out and you just run into an awesome close friend. Haha because it’s like an … unplanned surprise party? lol bad metaphor but you get the idea we DDR’ed and then just talked for a while, and when we went to go get stuff with our tickets and were short we totally scored some free tickets off some gangster korean dudes (H) haha it was awesome

Now I’m at home and I realise I’ve watched a great amount of wonder girls dance clips by like JYP and small children xD
my cousin, who is teaching in korea atm told me a group of fifth grade girls forced him to learn the dance         
Most likely an exaggeration but I like to believe I live in a world where 11 year old girls can force a 100kg man to learn a dance by a girl group of slutty South Korean songstresses  : ]

…also thanks for lending me deathnote Jermia x]


3 responses to “FINALLY : )

  1. I wish I could read that.
    But it’s way too long.
    I like the last paragraph though (:

  2. i like the fact that i was mentioned a lot… it makes me feel special since i’m practically the biggest fan of ur blog ^^

    tomorrowz party is gonna be awesome… right!?!? lol

  3. was your kitty meowth or glameow?

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