Swiss girls and subliminal messages

Yesterday was the farewell bbq for the swiss exchange girls, at southbank. ūüė¶ They leave this Saturday, and I’m really sad that I didn’t get to spend as much time with them as I could’ve, but I won’t let that damper the mood of this post, because they are three amazing people and I won’t forget them nor the fun times we spent together. n_n

I met up with Phuong and Tyler in the city late afternoon yesterday, only to go to southbank…I went for a swim, but didn’t bring spare clothes so I ended up swimming in my jeans xD. It was all worth it though because Ryan let me borrow this super awesome t-shirt that looks something like this

Ryan's cool shirt (H)

Woah my webcam is really shit haha xD

After that I went karaoke with Peter and Sandra, and then broke my fast with some Inhouse  (chicken and avocado-naise ftw!!!) 


Later that night I was watching some indie music show with my brother. We then went into an indie music obscure off and proceeded to mention indie bands that were more indie than the previously mentioned indie band. If you’re still unsure about what this means then this is the place to look.¬†Usually I would win (because you know I’m as indie as the most obscure musical references, 70’s style sneakers, awkward haircuts and complete global awareness ) but it must’ve been an off day because he seemed to have me stumped.¬†

He mentioned some band called Teens in Tokyo (I’m not actually sure if they exist but due to the nature of the game he had me owned). I was speechless. Well actually I wasn’t I said “I don’t know them”. He then presented his theory as to why they were called Teens in Tokyo (because I had previously asked why “Cut Off Your Hands” were called this). He said it had something to do with Euthanasia xD.

Take one moment to think about it

Teens in Tokyo = Youths in Asia -> EUTHANASIA 


Somewhat-whelmed (not overly or underly so =/) with this information I giggled.


It reminded me of the time he told me that the Australian government’s terrorist ad campaign thing had subliminal messages as well.

You know the one where the father and son are at the train station and the father says
“Son, pick up your bag”
“That’s not my bag, dad
Bags without people don’t make sense.

:O As in BAGHDAD  

Anyway moral of the story is that … Swiss girls are cool, my brother is good at finding faux(or maybe they’re not *DOOM DOOM DOOOOOM* CONSPIRACY)subliminal messages and that I either have too much times on my hands or I don’t use that time effectively.¬†

Oh and happy holidays, everyone! ^ ^ 



One response to “Swiss girls and subliminal messages

  1. HHAHAHAHHA i was just reading stuffwhitepeoplelike!! AND OMG i found SOOO many things that totally reflect *some of* my white friends XD rofloffloflfol~


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