health, well-being and social standards

Everything is good in moderation

except for

spiking someone else’s drink
unprotected sex
constant drug use



Today I saw some guy sniffing coke in the park at southbank.
I held some admiration for him.

Not because I want to sniff drugs, but more because he was willing to show everyone his true self.

It’s a pity that it seems the only time we can be real about being who we are is when we’re at our ugliest.


2 responses to “health, well-being and social standards

  1. I love this.
    You are so true.
    Yet how many people have come to this relisation? And truly taken it to heart?

    Being yourself is harder than it seems; but not being yourself is even harder, not on only on themselves but those around them too.

  2. what blackwhiterhino said.

    : DD

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