I should’ve given you a chance…deathnote xD

Damn it, I should’ve jumped on the deathnote bandwagon a long time ago, because now I REALLY REALLY want to watch! Oh well, it seems interesting and I hope I can get it off of my friends. I didn’t go to school today, because all of the physics students are going to dreamworld, and I told my mum I didn’t want to go. 

=/ I don’t know why I don’t want to go, i’d just rather go outside of school if I went. 

This morning I watched this korean movie, Humming. As expected, yes-SPOILER [actually the spoiler was saying it’s “korean” because this is expected of all korean movies ever], someone does die. Someone also realises how much they love someone after said person is dead. It didn’t challenge any preconceptions I held about korean movies, but it was nice enough. xD 

I’m watching L: Change the World atm, but I want to watch the originals of Deathnote (I.e. the series & the first movie o.O) so I’ll probably scab them off my asian connections yeyaaaah. (H)

SO BORED. very very bored. 
:O I still need to buy my mathletes costume for romp on sunday >_< 
If my costume turns out well I’ll post a picture up here


I really need a holiday, so I’m glad all this school and learning *cringe* stuff is over for a bit starting Friday =]


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