PSYCH PARTAY (and by party I mean not-party)

I got to school at around midday today. We had psychology for today, it was pretty lackadaisical (newcomb said that to us last week xD) 

It was pretty ordinary, besides the fact that half of the class REALLY got into a question we put on our quiz. T_T
We were split into groups and my team (“The Ethnics” when she kicked us out of the game for having inappropriate questions we accused her of ethnic cleansing hah, we’re lame), had the best questions (relating to psychology, of course).

I didn’t think people would’ve taken it seriously but the question went something like
If a tree falls down in a forest, does it make a sound? Explain with reference to at least two studies from the learning perspective.  
I accredit that question to Ryan’s brilliance (H) Well yeah obviously a lot of people in my class were desperate for some cheap Haribo lollies, so needless to say there was a lot of arguing. I just enjoyed the intensity of their preposterous answers to an OBVIOUSLY preposterous question. It really did make my day. Oh and I also like making that “errrrrrrnnnh” noise when people get things wrong in game shows. I’m mean but I explained how their answers were wrong. I thought everyone would just want to have fun, but realised not everyone likes to turn off like that. >_< lapse in judgement!

Other fine questions in our bank were
Explain one key concept of the Learning Perspective …. via interpretive dance. 
We even had a mark scheme where we gave them points for the use of either spirit hands or pop&locking. Both were evident, the team was successful in answering that question. xD 

Do you like pina colodas and getting caught in the rain? 
haha that was a result of our tangential discussions in finalising our questions xD 

You can only imagine the other gems in the question bank, right? ^ ^

My brother handed me a comic last night. He says it’s good, I’m up to the third chapter, so far it’s pretty cool. It’s called The Watchmen. He’s probably going to take me to see it at the cinemas when it comes out. : ]

In other uninteresting news, Idk what to get on my senior jersey!?!?! It has to relate to my name, any ideas with MUSU MULIAGA. =.=”


3 responses to “PSYCH PARTAY (and by party I mean not-party)

  1. ryan ❤

    u can get mylinh & ill get musu and it’ll only make sense when we’re together which is never unless you count SPIRIT. and dreams x)

    idk what to get for mine either. no1 calls me mylo there ==


  3. Ngaaaawwwwww that was sooo rofls mang

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