I got to school at around 10AM today because I stayed in bed working on my chemistry prac report. tsk tsk lol

Atm we have subject-specific days so today we had a day of mandarin. It wasn’t really anything :S lol but it did inspire me to rent out episodes of Monkey Magic. Man, that show is so cool xD

After handing in my chem prac today, Eric and I were in the library and neither of us were really in the mood to go home. So we saw that the TKD kids were getting ready and decided to join in. x]

It was pretty cool I really want a uniform only because they make cool “whoosh” noises as you chop and whatnot. Also I am the shittiest white belt there … so I guess I’m special? xD I’m sorta disappointed because we didn’t learn what I went there for – Demonic Ice mirrors jutsu or the replication jutsu, but I figure it’ll just take time (and money). 

The bad thing is that I got home at around 7:30. =/ I also felt bad because Eric asked to come over and instantly I said “no”. Even though I am never usually like that xD I just wanted some alone time, but I guess that’s reasonable =/


Nothing much else atm. Except for a triple pie* on Wednesday arvo. Good luck to all involved xD

*pie is when people are put on a “surprise date”
 I.e. John & Jane, who are not dating but not-so-secretly want each other, are walking with their friends when Steve shouts “pie” meaning that everyone scatters leaving John & Jane alone. 
yes, very. ^ ^


3 responses to “TAE KWON DO(N’T)

  1. it has come to my attention that ur a bitch… but i really appreciate that quality in my friends ^^

  2. your really funny lol, im a black belt tae kwon do, my name is Giorgio , i am 9 , i have a website http://www.giorgio.org.uk

  3. HAHA QACI needs a code word like that! and pie seems very fitting; you guys must’ve spent hoursss brainstorming on names ^^ it goes to show the nerd school has some creativity after all xD jksjks!!

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