Happy 21st Birthday, Sanna

Tonight was my cousin (well actually close family friend? but who cares xD) 21st birthday. IDK why 21st birthdays are so big but they seem to be :S

Her dad made a speech, one of many long Samoan speeches  ;_; and in it he said that the giving of the 21st birthday key, and the importance of the 21st birthday has been a long-celebrated “palagi (white)” thing. Can someone tell me if that’s really true? (I started going to 21st birthdays when I was around 12 but I’m still not sure if they’re just big for Samoans because these are the only 21st birthdays I’ve ever been to)

Anyway it’s david’s birthday tomorrow, and as a present I was supposed to errrrhm … steal a street sign with his name on it  >_<” psssssssht don’t snitch cos I didn’t even get to steal it anyway. So we arrived at David Street at around 11:30 and my brother (who had been drinking but who would’ve done it anyway also he wasn’t driving – my other brother (sober) was) tried to climb and pull it off (due to our lack of proper tools xD)

Oh well. we eventually gave up and drove home xD.

The party was okay…cheesecake yummy n_n
and heaps of free booze lol
beer is still gross
bourbon and coke is okay but i was peer pressured into skulling a can xD (and im a pussy drinker lol)
but by far the most amazing thing was….



: ]

and even after drinking (a fair bit =/ ) I believe I have full control of my faculties.

This should be good practice for the party tomoz nite. (H)


3 responses to “Happy 21st Birthday, Sanna

  1. HAHAHA palagi– that’s so cool! in canto/mando we have gwei lo… which literally translates to ghost person xD

  2. pussy drinker… yehh right xD

  3. i know why 21st are celebrated but i dont wanna sound like a know-it-all-whore so ill just say that ILOVEYOUMUSU.

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