best fight scene ever – Undefeatable’s climax three way battle to the death. xD

So it is now 2:51AM, and I tried posting before but my internet dc’ed and I ended up losing all my words. All of my carefully constructed intelligent prose- HAH. Anyway school was a waste of time today, but the highlight was saving Vladimir’s (the name I christened my mannequin) lifeless body with the use of Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation and using Aquium over and over again. (Okay don’t lie, I’m not the only one who enjoys Aqium or Dettol dry wash stuff … be REAL people?!) 

Lately to counteract illegal music downloading (lol, not really) I’ve been youtubing all the songs I want to listen to…I’m also very embarrassed to admit that I like a …


… deep breath…
thinks “they’ll still love me if i tell them, won’t they?”

A Jonas Brothers’ song.
There? I came clean.

What’s worse is that it was stuck in my head throughout all of my exams (btw my final psychology paper was funny xD I wrote like 3 double-sided pages of absolute bollocks … so excited for my real exams in November =.= )

Other accounts evidencing the declining quality of my taste in music is that I like the new Katy Perry shit – Hot n’ Cold. It’s lame but catchy as … errrhm chlamydia? ( lol why isn’t that metaphor used more? I should recommend that to defectiveyeti(just add a dotcom, I won’t link)  … for the cliche metaphor renewal project where the author of the blog wanted to replace overused metaphors with new, and more relevant ones xD)

I also recently discovered possibly the best most amazing fight scene on youtube. I wanted to find that Justin Lo song that Rachel had on her blog a few days ago so I searched it and came across this little slice of cinematic brilliance. It has everything anyone would ever want. The slow motion spit-coming-out-of-mouth-after-being-punched shot (three in a row actually xD), unnecessary removal of mens’ shirts (wth?), a fight involving-GET THIS?!- a gang leader girl who broke her arm, and a serial killer who murders women wearing floral dresses. I haven’t seen the entire movie but it’s been a life goal of mine, since five minutes ago, to watch the whole movie. I give it a rating of 5 Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kicks out of 5 Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kicks.  

Okay to further prove how AWESOME & hilarious this movie is here is the plot synopsis from the greatest source of knowledge known to man- Wikipedia. 



The film follows Kristi Jones (Rothrock) who, along with her gang, take part in Mafia-run street fights to earn money for her sister’s college education.

Meanwhile, an underground fighter by the name of “Stingray” is left by his wife and vows to find her. He begins seeing women in flowered dresses as his wife. He kidnaps them, rapes them, and gouges their eyes out before returning their bodies to the crime scene. Kristi’s sister becomes one of the victims, so Kristi tracks down Stingray with the help of police officer Nick DiMarco (Miller), who is falling in love with her, and her sister’s psychiatry tutor.

They soon track down Stingray, who has kidnapped the psychiatrist, and fight in a warehouse where he escapes. The psychiatrist is in the hospital and Stingray captures her. Kristi and the police officer chase him to a storage area where the three do battle, mostly in hand to hand combat. Eventually Stingray is killed after losing both of his eyes.

The film ends at a funeral where Kristi tells her sister that they got him. It is revealed that Kristi has enrolled her former gang in college to give them a chance at a better life, though Kristi has also been enrolled by her new lover and the film ends.

This is likely to be the best comedy you will ever watch in your entire life (if you decide to take the challenge of watching that much awesomeness – CHE?!) I was silent for at least thirty seconds after reading that. I think this movie has the potential to change lives. “to pay for her sister’s college education” All I could think was, “LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL xD *dies*”

In unrelated news, I just found out that modern day Eurovision can produce music I can like (without making me laugh at a songs’ inherent cheesey lameness-which I would still like, just for other reasons). 

Sébastien Tellier. He was the French entrant for the competition this year and I think his song, Divine, is the epitome of electro-chillaxation. (H) 

His picture reminds me of a rabbi. 

but if i had voted in the eurovision comp, I would definitely “Jews” him.

get it? rabbis? jews/choose?
it was funny at the time okay xD 



One response to “best fight scene ever – Undefeatable’s climax three way battle to the death. xD


    ewww… the jonas brothers 😛

    but to be honest i haven’t heard any of their songs. But at least i know that i don’t “coform to any of this mainstream crap”….. well lets just say starrrtingggg… froommm…. NOW!

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