If you ever got that feeling you were the weirdest person in the room (and it was true) I don’t think you should worry. I swear everyone is secretly a freak but some people are just better (or care more) about hiding it. When you realize how weird everyone is you’ll probably think you wasted time hiding your weird “insert name of weird thing” fetish. I don’t even mean fetish in the dirty way lol anyway it is now 12:56 and I realize that I’ve recently discovered the most upsetting thing in my life.

The whole first part seems like a tangent. Except that you at least have to introduce a topic to go off on tangent, that part’s like straight into a tangent from the get-go.
None of this post really means anything and Anatomie is an awesome movie. Intense German goodness. Prima. Wunderbar. Zehr Gut.
I’m all out of German now =/

Even though German is very hard sounding (meaning it is boner-kill) the country produces more porn films than anywhere else in the world.
a titdbit of information

Don’t google/wiki to prove me wrong. My friend told me, lol. It may be wrong, but it seems right. Haha the very sound of the German language is enough to make anyone flaccid imo x]

…but after French, it’s the European language I most want to learn.

Anatomie pretty much (well more like helped? I already considered them creepy :S ) instilled a fear of secret societies in me. Let’s hope I never encounter the Stonemasons or something. They will probably want to preserve my body for research (well that’s more of an AAA-thing, actually =/ )

This is something humanizing in my opinion. You know that whole “people are afraid of what they don’t know” thing? Mostly because secrets can be anything (they could also be like nothing xD) but they have the possibility of being outrageous, scary etc etc or nothing xD.

Let’s hope if I face a secret society their secrets will be nothing (and that they don’t hate black people … I don’t know I get the impression that a secret society would not want a coloured person … well they are a mystery so I don’t know what to expect xD)

Haha now I’m excited for my first secret society encounter
: ]


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  1. bwahahah lol’d

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