Who’s going where and with what friend(/s)?

I’m happy knowing that when I think about the biggest mistakes in my life I can laugh. Like how someone has no real friends now that they’ve pushed away the only person who genuinely cared for their existence LOL

Enough of that …

Tomorrow marks the end of exam block and I think I speak for everyone, besides maybe Hillary-who must relish in the pain of others**, when I say I am glad that it’s over. After exam blocks I’m going to start having to live and breath psychology. This means I will eat psychology for breakfast, lunch and tea. I will dream psychology. I will be psychology. *victorious stance (with hands on hips) accompanied with dramatic triumphant music*

I want there to be at least one psychology party in my lifetime and since I only study the subject for another (guesstimationingly) 7 weeks(?) it’s sorta now or never :O
It sounds lame but we can discuss all the theoretical shizz and eat chocolate (Mr Webb on “How to deal with stress” lol )
: )

After the two hour math paper we went to the city to grab some food. Food included two litres of caramel swirl ice cream from coles that sandra, johnny, geoff, eric and I ate. xD
As we neared our fill of ice cream (but not nearing the end of the 2L) we realised that this was probably the biggest mistake “I have made all week” haha see what I meant about mistakes I could laugh about?

In more important news the Olympics opened one month ago and it marks the start of something else very important.

: ]
**hillary is actually cool and she pwnzorz exams lol


I can say that the biggest mistake of my life was watching 2 girls, 1 finger just now…because I was curious…

no wonder the cat died


One response to “Who’s going where and with what friend(/s)?

  1. musu i love you (:

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