My posts aren’t really all that cohesive and if I were Alcorn I would probs give this nothing more than a C5

Today I had phour hours of phun – psychology and physics papers phtw! (note to self: “fat” with a “ph” is the only time where a “ph” can be used as a substitute for an “f”).

The Rundown:

I arrived at school at around 10am just because I didn’t want to be twenty minutes late for my exam start (like the mandarin exam the previous day =.=)

Physics HL
time allocated: 2hrs
time it took me to realise that I wasn’t going to ace the test: less than 2hrs

Well even though I read a shitload for this godforsaken subject I don’t really think it made any effect at all on what I was able to answer correctly. It did however teach me that physics is really really hard and was probably the biggest mistake in my life (besides looking at your face! snap! take that… soz I didn’t mean it, the physics paper has just made me really bitter, I’m coming from a bad place lol still besties?)

-snack time/death-contemplation time-
Psychology SL Anticipated

Time allocated:2hrs (1:30 – 3:30…3:30? FUCK THAT SHIT BITCH =.= I left at 3:15 like the sane children in my class lol)
Time it took me to realise I was in beyond my head: well like 5 pages into my final 20 mark question I realised that I had been writing about an experiment from an incorrect perspective and I made a loud sighing noise-Ryan noticed (I think Sandra noticed too, but she was seated next to me so that’s less impressive) and turned around to see me crying (errrhm not really, it’s a hyperbole…YES I KNOW WHAT THAT IS?!?! THE NERVE OF SOME PEOPLE! GAH! **) and also the part where I used a fake experiment as the example of some key concept within the cognitive perspective. = ]

Even though I had figured out that the paper was going to be the November 07 Paper 1 Exam, knowing this alone would not actually allow me to simply walk into “A7”-ville.

So yeah the psychology paper was fun. As much fun as imagining your grandparents doing the dirty (did you just imagine it? It wasn’t very fun, was it?).

After the exams I bussed it to the city with Laura, Solenne, Mary and Ryan and I hung out in the city for a bit (Yu Le was there too ^ ^, but she left when Ryan left, which was prematurely). We visited the best korean supermarket in the city, E-Mart, to supply us with necessary nourishment.

After that Laura wanted to go to the ferris wheel but much to all of our collective disappointment it was not in operation (me: sorta relieved…fifteen dollars for a ferris wheel? I only had $20 on me =.= ). So to cheer myself up I suggested that we go to Krispy Kreme. OMG! Krispy Kreme … even if you are probably one of the most overrated foods ever (second only to probs pho and viet kids :P) I still love you 😉

After that we caught the train home, and Mary almost got off at the wrong station (well technically she did get off and started walking away before realising it was not actually the suburb she lives in xD lol)

OTHER STORIES TIME (and why this post lacks cohesiveness)
The other day in class I said something was a hyperbole. I can’t actually remember what it was…but I just remember that it was a hyperbole!!!! :@ and then J was all like, “no it’s not I should know I’m better at english etc etc (yes, The King & I style, foo’!)”

Then Laura asked what he got for the IB Oral and it turns out he got less than me (I don’t want to be snooty…but hey when the opportunity presents itself xD)
After this he pretty much got owned, but I’m more pissed off at the fact that he was making some assumptions about who should have had better English, you know because he is white and everything. One of the problems I’m faced with as an English speaker is the expectation that a white person will always have better English than me. Is such racist idealism so inherent within our society-within any society, that the belief is inescapable? (I’m not inferring anything from what he said he literally said, “well what? do you want me to get racist about this?” out of the blue as well =.=)

This really got to me a lot more than it should have, but more than anything I’m sad (yes, actually SAD about this =.= ) but Sophie forgot to return my math HL textbook to me and I won’t be able to study over the weekend. That is probably the saddest admission I have ever made in this blog, and what’s even sadder is that I’m being completely serious about this. xD lol

I wrote my CAS journals for forty hour famine, and managed to convince myself that I really got an experience (CAS/IB LEARNER PROFILE-wise). My favourite line was something like “after eating my big meal at the end of the forty hour famine I realised that my pain, my discomfort was only temporary…” My CAS coordinator is bound to be impressed : )

Lastly, my mum was watching the news the other night and the newsreader reported “a caucasian woman constantly breaking the law”, and my mum watched it and said something along the lines of “wth? she’s not even an asian! (translated)”. It made me feel better about that English speaking thing with J, because I realise that even though English isn’t what’s spoken in my home environment, I’m not as boring as someone who’s always only speaking/living in English. 😛

…Okay I lied, one more thing.

Cansei de ser sexy.
They are Brazilian. They are fun. They make me feel like I should be wearing a condom just listening to their music…such is the extent of their sexual potency!!!

A pretty picture to fawn over. Ewwww they look like dirty hipsters….cooooool (H)


6 responses to “My posts aren’t really all that cohesive and if I were Alcorn I would probs give this nothing more than a C5


  2. geez, sif copy paste that ~_~ i mean really

    suck it betchhhhhh dont you wish you did biol now XD

  3. BAHAHHAA i CAN’T FIND MY MATHS TEXTBOOK AT HOME!! wtfwtf i was going to cry… my exam is on wednesday— and i’ve been studying off the internerrrrddd = =” GOOD LUCK!

    p.s. CSS is MY hot hot sex~

  4. hahah i just had pho =)

  5. ROFL my english teacher thought i was an international student for ages until she actually read my assignments… typical asian stereotyping ftw ^^

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