history lesson

Heaps of people talk about how they never used to study in school and still totally aced cos they’re super 1337 or some shizz.

I was not like this (yeah I pwnt like pretty goodly i guess – academic awards and that stuf ) but i remember in year 9 that I used to study and sometimes be hard working (oh lols).

My day would consist of me going to school (and bludging), then going home (and crashing IMMEDIATELY), waking up to do math homework (the only homework I EVER did), and then the highlight of my day

staying up to watch adult swim on cartoon network.

I really miss InuYasha and Full Metal Alchemist, and how I used to be into anime and the like
: (
Oh and that I could sometimes work hard at like school and you know-stuff.


2 responses to “history lesson

  1. Oh wow.
    Look at all the gaming language :p
    Nice ones.

  2. zomgoshh year 8 and 9 were the biggest bludge years of my life and somehow it’s equivalent to my current academic results… and now i actually hardcore study for hours on end living on the minimal sleep required for survival and absolutely no social life… wth mangs >__<

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