Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I’m not at school today because I couldn’t muster up the energy to get out of bed until about 10. My stomach hurts, there were massive clusters of sleep in my eyes, my body aches and I have a fever.

+++++++++ I have to start studying for my exams that start next week. Haha this is all kinda funny in a not-funny-at-all sorta way xD

*moans in pain* Okay that’s enough of me being a bitch, I guess I’ll just have to man up. x]
At least Sandra sent me 火车叨位去, my FAVOURITE Jay Chou song of all time. Even if it’s like one of his lesser known songs, and it wasn’t released as a single, it’s still the best.

= ]

I recommend you steal your Taiwanese friends’ Jay Chou album collection to scope this song out. ︿︿

It’s the one thing that’s making my stay at home bearable. = =”


3 responses to “illness

  1. i’m listening to that song right now!! on youtube 😛

    it’s in tai yü D: i understand a TEENSY bit of it cuz it’s like… almost the same as hokkien [which my parents sometimes speak]

    😀 good luck with studying!

  2. Aha…
    Taiwanese freaks me out >_<

  3. omfg not the night before =O

    whow your getting serious

    or maybe bacteria just does that to you

    im listening to korean because i love korea

    and Lee jun ki
    and musu


    of course you will get well
    so rape that fever


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